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Hard Sudoku for 2/March/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I knew it was your photo as it was coming in to focus, Greg.
Glad to hear what the bear did to the cat and dog.
3:54 Maen All hail the glorious bear who saved us from the dogs and cats! I would be a little worried about taking a picture of a bear when he's UPHILL... hopefully this situation turned out well!
4:50 Maen
Too funny!!!

Love the picture. I hope it was taken with a telephoto lens!
mAen! 7:21

Dan! Don't try to outrun a bear. You can't. Luckily for you it suffices to outrun (one/some of) your traveling companions.
A typical MI winter day - freezing rain, snow and sleet - YUCK
Ate them!
who is up the tree?
bear or photographer?
Maen all
6.00 exactly at 9:02am Oklahoma time. Did the bear say if they tasted like chicken?
'Please smile to get a nice picture'
With respect to the name of an Egyptian film.

Good mAen to all.
just over 20mins to finish. bummer about the dog. who cares about a cat?!
Not many Bears here - Who or what is up the tree? Perhaps the cat escaped.
Snowing and blowing here. My Basset Hounds could chew that bear off at the knees.
Nice shot!
You have good zoom in your camera, CG.
7:33 I refrain from commenting ...
I personally like ALL the photos submitted by people from all over the world - wild animals, like this bear; beautiful/exotic scenery; loving family members; and yes, pets, including dogs and cats.
I Bearly broke 10 minutes..............heh heh
5:12; the right clicks are really working for me. Thanks for the bear pic, the greenery makes it look calm and shy, even cuddly!
I thought bears were more herbivore than carnivore, except for fish.
Beaut photo Greg. Congratulations. I'm glad there were no bears in beautiful Downtown Kingston when we were there.
Nice photo Greg. It looks a little close for comfort though. It looks like a pretty big bear. I had a bear run in front of my car one year when I was up in Canada. My daughter thought it was a black dog, but I know it was a bear. You can tell by the way they run and their fur bounces! They More...
Never look a bear in the eye. Three of us were hiking in the Kananaskis with a specific destination in mind. Two hours into the hike, we disturbed a mother bear and two cubs. Fortunately the two cubs took off in the opposite directioin from where we were. That encounter immediately put an end to our hike.

For those interested in nature or hiking, as well as those who enjoy a good laugh, try Bill Bryson's 'A Walk in the Woods' about his experiences hiking the Appalachian Trail (in the US).
great photo CG, hope you werent that close.
Good evening to all! Not to worry folks, this was shot through a window. The bear was outside about 25-30 feet away.
Dammit. LOL. I'm slowly getting better I think. Last time I couldn't get the hard one out.
5:53 - not too bad considering I had a really slow start.

When I next get to visit my brother in Ottawa I may even get to see one of these (from behind a window as well I hope!)
11:24 - not using any possibilities.
Like the caption CG - the photo is pretty good too! LOL
Hi Pressley! Hey, it's Winnie the Pooh!
RAM from Mysore........ My god... you have eaten just about everything... Is there nothing you have not tasted or eaten. Last time it was dog.
8:46 Hi to all. How many cats and dogs precisely Greg????
I can't believe I'm so into this!
03/May/07 2:56 PM
ps had to google maen!
03/May/07 2:57 PM
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