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Hard Sudoku for 30/June/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Another of my photos taken after leaving Milford Sound when most of the fog had lifted (if I remember rightly).
4:52 Maen
Beautiful photo, Anne.
Straightforward, nice 'reward'.. have we seen that lake before? I believe I remember daydreaming about it.
Nice photo Anne. does look a bit gloomy though.
Very nice photo, Anne. Very peaceful. Can't wait to go there myself.
What transquaility of a peaceful lake.
Just can't do these hard ones without a little bit of help.
Well Done, Good place to relax
Beautiful photo; I'm surprised at all the mountain photos of New Zealand. Prior to Sudoku pics, I only saw photos of numerous sheep on green pastures. Anne is definitely increasing my desire to explore New Zealand.
5:16 Great photo! Anne, Thank you.
Yay! No possibilities!
Fun stuff on this site. I like the pic today.
Good mAen to all. Beautiful picture. Reminds me of mant similar places in Canada.
That should have said 'many' similar places. Oops!
Very pretty, Anne.
Making me homesick, although it is winter in Gods Zone....
Fun puzzle, nice photo!
Beautiful photo, Anne. Beautiful place, too (minus sandflies!)
Right on! How do you do these so quickly? This one took me twenty minutes! Great seeing folks from all over the world!
Jerry. Where are you?
Anne, What season of the year is this picture? It's very peaceful and beautiful, but it looks cold.
JM, thank you, I thought I was the only one (17 mins.) Beautiful pic!
When I think of all God is sometimes I forget artist. Thanks for helping me remember.
maEn...How beautiful is our world, wherever I go, wherever I look!
P.S. And beautiful people all around, too!
to NANTUCKET from Raleigh. The photo was taken in February last year and although it was very overcast, it wasn't cold and it didn't rain. I guess that is why New Zealand is referred to as the 'Land of the Long White Cloud', (if I have quoted that correctly).
Land of sheep and hobbits. Neither being in this picture.
poolmonster and JM, not all of us are <10 min puzzlers. I rarely get under that mark. I dont mind telling people how slow I am.
I only compete against myself anyway.
9:00 Impressive photo.
Don't like to time myself very often - too stressful (especially when I'm not terribly quick) and I do it for fun. All these pictures lately of NZ and the south of France are making me want to travel. I've never before had the desire to leave North America.
Anne, another beautiful pic!! But it does look cold!! even if it was not. It is very cold and overcast here today.

Like Ant stuck in England this makes me homesick too. Have lived in Oz for over 25 years but NZ really is such a beautiful country. Still, love living where I live particularly when winter comes and everything starts to go green!
I didn't time as it would have been too embarrasing to record!! But I am proud I did it, even if I did check my moves a couple of times...
thanks anne for another great pic - hope we can get some of these pics when we go to NZ in september
Where is Old Zealand...or just plain Zealand?
As I remember it, the South island of NZ is by far the prettiest for scenery. Thanks, Anne. Reminiscing and thinking about my next visit.
G'day, all. :)
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