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Medium Sudoku for 30/June/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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4:29 here kitty kitty Maen
Not real! - not evern a meow.
7:05 slow. Is aomeone telling us to get stuffed. Nice cat anyway.
Is that a linx? I hope the animal was done a long time ago, would hate for someone to do that nowadays.
I can't make out all the yellow printing in the lower corner, but it does say Taxidermy and 2004.
6:38 and would have preferred a cat that could still walk around.
Awww, someone shot that nice cat. It musta been a puddy mean hunter.
Has anyone seen my puddy cat?
Bobcat, its feet are too small to be a Lynx
3.37 -- this one flowed easily for me. Meow.
Well Done, Big Cat
4:15 Isn't a bobcat the same thing as a lynx?
Good mAen to all. Looks like a scanned commercial picture. Nice feline!
very poor taste.
better alive than stuffed.
Jeana...no..they're two seperate creatures
Jeana - Fred is right, two different species. But confusion is frequent, and reasonable
Both used to be in the genus Felis, now both are in the genus Lynx (one source of confusion)!
Lynx rufus (=Felis rufus) bobcat;
Lynx canadensis (=Felis canadensis) Canadian lynx;
Have heard that More...
Thanks, Fred & Kat! I googled bobcat and came up with 'Lynx rufus'. I guess that's what confused me.
7:39 nearly as quick as easy.Nicki from Florida the other word is Travis. it would have been nicer if it had been a life one.
Hi everyone unusual not to see posts at this time of my morning sudoku ritual. Hope all is well across the world and everyone have a good day/evening
hope that is an endangered species that was shot. endangered or not, its sad to see such a beautiful creature sacrificed to be someone's trophy.
maEn all..My son lives in Co and has encountered a mother bobcat face to face(fortunately, ok for him) but that is definitely a bobcat. In another vein, my beautiful cat is 20 yrs old and I would love to taxidermize him just to keep him with me with his body. But, I won't do that!
I would prefer all such creatures to stay in the wild, and me out of it. :-)
shame on you for thinking we want to see your bad habits.. stuffing real animals
This picture is yet another reason why I hate cats!
8:10, making some use of the possibilities option. Obviously, it's not the best way to go. I guess it's 'think more, click less'.
5.47 pretty puddy cat
have a great day/night one and all
Enough about stuffed cats! I'm an animal lover, too.
G'day all. :)
5.46 a very good time
She just ate the MOUSE?!!
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