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Hard Sudoku for 4/July/2007


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Submitted by: Gath

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Another of fi' interesting photos. I'm waiting with great anticipation for the next one.
04/Jul/07 12:07 AM
5:41 Maen! Uh-oh... major mistake -- you left the window open! SOMEBODY'S GONNA STEAL THAT CAR!!! Oh, maybe not. :)
04/Jul/07 12:13 AM
am i the first :-)
04/Jul/07 12:22 AM
That vehicle's not that old--what happened?
04/Jul/07 12:42 AM
Now THAT'S what I call a comment!
04/Jul/07 12:48 AM
Don't think that will be going anywhere for a while.
04/Jul/07 12:50 AM
Lot of Hub-Bub for nothing.
04/Jul/07 12:52 AM
Rather easy for a Hard - no gueses
04/Jul/07 1:19 AM
6:41 This was easier than the medium today!
04/Jul/07 1:31 AM
Just managed to solve in time
04/Jul/07 2:08 AM
forgot the timer
04/Jul/07 2:24 AM
mAen all. Doh! I forgot the timer too.
04/Jul/07 3:20 AM
maen all! that's the land cruiser i saw months ago on this site. i'd love to get ahold of those ambulance doors for one of my own tlc's.
04/Jul/07 3:30 AM
20:07 mins. i have felt like that car some mornings after heavy drinking. i don't miss those college days! good Maen! Happy Birthday USA! even though its still 7-3-07 here!
04/Jul/07 3:33 AM
How much road would a woodstruck truck if a woodstruck could truck road? As much road as a woodstruck would if a woodstruck could truck road. Ha.
04/Jul/07 4:11 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice photo Fi! I await the next chapter of this story with bated breathe!
04/Jul/07 5:25 AM
Great Comment! This poor vehicle looks like it has seen its better days.
04/Jul/07 6:39 AM
8:13 with no guesses... woo hoo!
Jan, I think the second part would be: A woodstruck would truck all the road he could truck if a woodstruck could truck road.
04/Jul/07 6:39 AM
I am curious - what happened to a driver?
04/Jul/07 6:41 AM
Maen all
I think someone syphoned the tank!
Off to the Maldives tomorrow morning, see you in a couple of weeks everyone!
I'll bring you back some photos. And full preview for you Jane.

04/Jul/07 7:04 AM
Veeeeerrrryyyyy slooooowwwwww this morning - 9:50. I had a possibility in that had no busines being there - once I found that it was straight forward.
04/Jul/07 7:32 AM
Interest picture .
04/Jul/07 7:51 AM
9:57 I'm glad someone else has car trouble besides me
04/Jul/07 8:40 AM
great photo Fi, breakdowns are almost like a native shrub on the tracks of the NT. just drive them till they wont go any further.
04/Jul/07 9:31 AM
The front tyres must not be any good they are still there.
04/Jul/07 9:52 AM
04/Jul/07 9:57 AM
04/Jul/07 11:11 AM
loved the comment and look forward to the next photo thanks Fi
04/Jul/07 12:36 PM
Maen! 12:20 I think I actually dozed off. I need to go back to bed. CUL8R
04/Jul/07 3:53 PM
mAen all. 11.00 Happy Independence Day USA.
04/Jul/07 4:42 PM
Hi there everyone,

Hey thanks for your very kind comments. I'm now hoping that I uploaded other photos at the same time so that you get a few more 'Wreck shots' shortly... can't remember if I did or didn't

Just dropped into work at 9pm to check soe emails.. and was delighted to see More...
04/Jul/07 12:39 PM
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