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Easy Sudoku for 4/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning. Sunny and warm today.
04/Jul/07 12:00 AM
Good morning all! Beautiful day here, sunny and cool! New youtube, 'Summer Breeze', Seals and Crofts, and new horse statue. Have a great day!
04/Jul/07 12:00 AM
It may say the 4th - However here it is a Gd' morn on the 3rd. So get ready for the 4th and celebrate all day!.
04/Jul/07 12:00 AM
Good morning. Happy 4th of July to all our US friends.
04/Jul/07 12:00 AM
1:53 Maen! Cute hug...
04/Jul/07 12:02 AM
2:41 Good evening all.
04/Jul/07 12:04 AM
Time for bed. How's your cold, Anne? While touching wood, I think I can say mine is on the way out!
04/Jul/07 12:07 AM
The parade goes right by our house, so we invite friends to sit in the shade of our front yard and watch it in comfort. Tomorrow will be fun. Then we walk down to the park for the BBQ and rodeo. The 4th is big doings in our town.
04/Jul/07 12:08 AM
04/Jul/07 12:10 AM
Hey, KEITH, that sounds like fun! Set up a few (hundred) seats for us, too!
04/Jul/07 12:11 AM
1:53 Tied with Dan. A beautiful day here--cool and sunny. Very cute cuddly cat picture. And for those who weren't around yesterday, the Infamous Arthur is now on my home page, in case anyone wants to look at another cat ...
04/Jul/07 12:11 AM
04/Jul/07 12:18 AM
Cathy, Arthur is absolutely gorgeous. I have Burmese so he would be much bigger than any of mine.
04/Jul/07 12:18 AM
Is the son named spot?
04/Jul/07 12:19 AM
Arthur is beautiful, CATHY ... and it was so nice of you to purchase that camouflage rug into which he can blend so well! :)
04/Jul/07 12:29 AM

Keith - It is always nice to have friends on the parade route! Can I sit next to Judy? We will be good I promise
04/Jul/07 12:30 AM
Father has great eye colour. Cute photo.
04/Jul/07 12:31 AM
04/Jul/07 12:36 AM
Don't let them do it Keith! People are the to watch the parade.
04/Jul/07 12:39 AM
04/Jul/07 12:40 AM
DAVE: Blue Skies, nothing but blue skies At 7:30 62F - yesterday hi 94, today forecast 97 - 4th's forcast has been lowered from 104 to 101 now 98. See what your missing!

Been sick for a couple of weeks missed 5 concerts at Britt: got to get well - starting Thursday is Moody Blues, Allison Krause, Neville Bro. & Ahmed Jamal. Doc changed my meds - hope I'm ready by the 5th.
04/Jul/07 12:53 AM
I'll have another beer while you are there please and

For those interested, the Singapore Noodles recipe is on the recipes clips page!
04/Jul/07 12:54 AM
Judy, you know I'd do anything for my Sudoku friends!
I assume Keith has extended the parade invitation to his Sudoku community, so I'll just scooch in beside Linda, and I'll bring my camera in case Judy decides to be naughty. (What am I saying? Of course she will!)
04/Jul/07 12:55 AM
everybody. its very sunny here.
04/Jul/07 12:57 AM
The recipe is also on my page
04/Jul/07 12:57 AM
2:09 I'm packing my bags and heading for California, Keith! We have rain in the forecast for the entire week. (Although we NEED the rain, I really don't want it to spoil our 4th of July festivities.)
04/Jul/07 1:00 AM
Hello , how is everybody , the weather is hot .
thank you Linda
04/Jul/07 1:01 AM
You mean the way in which the ladies misbehave during the Mardi Gras Parades, CATHY? Nah ... the guys would be running for cover ... or curling up on the ground in hysterics!
04/Jul/07 1:03 AM
Judy - or maybe just staring in disbelief!
04/Jul/07 1:11 AM
Kate! (still the 3rd in the states!) Oh, good! We're all goint to Keith's for the 4th? My cooler's packed and I'm heading out...bringing my own chair. Keith, do you have time to enlarge the porch? Some of these people have HUGE recliners that they drag everywhere! I'm not naming names, MizT
04/Jul/07 1:19 AM
04/Jul/07 1:25 AM
Mardi Gras? Are we supposed to bring beads and break away clothing? Let me check my closet...
04/Jul/07 1:26 AM
Watching Wimbledon! Upset with the women and Roddick is playing now!
04/Jul/07 1:42 AM
Keith, what in the world have you started? The repercussions of this will be felt for hours to come.
04/Jul/07 2:03 AM
Jeb, whatever do you mean?
04/Jul/07 2:17 AM
... ... ...
04/Jul/07 2:39 AM
Happy 231st Birthday USA!!!! **== It is still July third here in the States, but many towns will have fireworks tonite because the big city displays on the fourth will draw all the locals to them.
What quotes inspire you to help keep us free? Here are a few of mine:
'Government of the More...
04/Jul/07 3:05 AM
Come one, come all ... plenty more room ... your own chair is a good idea ... the parade is a small town hoot ... Judy and Linda will put on a far better show ... all beverages available, take your pick ... oh, if it could only be for real.
04/Jul/07 3:18 AM
Since many, including myself may not get around to posting or reading tomorrow, I thought I'd take this time to wish all a safe and fun Independence Day. Remember those who helped secure these freedoms for us and acknowledge them with a thank you..job well done! Fly the colors proudly, and may you More...
04/Jul/07 3:19 AM
Howdy! Thanks to sharon, I've changed my Youtube to John Doan playing his 20 string harpguitar. Cool instrument.
04/Jul/07 3:21 AM
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