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Easy Sudoku for 3/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all - it's raining again!
03/Jul/07 12:00 AM
Goodnight Sudokuland.
03/Jul/07 12:00 AM
Good morning all! Another cool and partly sunny day here. A bit chilly for July but great for getting things done! Have a great day!
03/Jul/07 12:00 AM
morning all
03/Jul/07 12:00 AM
good Maen
03/Jul/07 12:01 AM
Sue/OK- Did I read right? Did you say you live in Owasso? I have family there. As a matter of fact I was born in Lawton.
03/Jul/07 12:02 AM
2:03 - great photo.
03/Jul/07 12:02 AM
2:10 Maen. A promising new day... or a promising sunset?
03/Jul/07 12:03 AM
03/Jul/07 12:06 AM
03/Jul/07 12:06 AM
Oh lets do another!!
03/Jul/07 12:07 AM
2:17 good evening all.
What a beautiful sunrise or sunset.
03/Jul/07 12:07 AM
forth straight
03/Jul/07 12:07 AM
Where are you Greg, I beat you!
03/Jul/07 12:07 AM
Good morning to all! That scene looks very promising!
03/Jul/07 12:07 AM

My song today is a very young Creedence Clearwater Revival singing ''Proud Mary.'' Enjoy all!
03/Jul/07 12:09 AM
Beautiful welcome back home picture. In my tiredness last evening, I forgot to wish all Canadians a good Canada Day. What a wonderful trip I had. And, belated Happy Birthdays to a raft of folks from yesterday.
03/Jul/07 12:11 AM
Looks like the promise of a new day to me.
03/Jul/07 12:12 AM
Beautiful scene.

My You Tube is Barenaked Ladies singing 'Jane' (what else!!)
03/Jul/07 12:12 AM
Good morning everyone.

I've updated my YouTube to Kate Smith - God Bless America.
03/Jul/07 12:12 AM
03/Jul/07 12:14 AM
Keith - glad you're home safe and sound and had such a wonderful time.
03/Jul/07 12:14 AM
Yesterday's scuba trip on Lk.Erie was generally disappointing - only dove on 1 wreck, not 2, and there was lot of silt in the water destroying visibility. Oh well, still got a day on the lake with friends - there are worse ways to spend Canada Day.
03/Jul/07 12:15 AM
YouTube is 'cat massage' very cute and very funny.
03/Jul/07 12:15 AM
Hello every one ,have a
03/Jul/07 12:17 AM
Good Morning, KEITH ... and welcome home!
03/Jul/07 12:23 AM
Hey, JEB ... my late father-in-law was born in Neosho, about 90 years ago ... a contemporary of yours? :)
03/Jul/07 12:25 AM
i love this, sea and sun.
good nite everyone
03/Jul/07 12:29 AM
It's a great day here, no clouds to block the sun
03/Jul/07 12:36 AM

Welcome back Keith! Glad you had a wonderful trip.
03/Jul/07 12:46 AM
I'm looking forward to seeing your photos of British Columbia Keith. Welcome home!
03/Jul/07 12:51 AM
Hey Judy - How's bigfoot? Still walking around with a silly grin on his face?
03/Jul/07 1:04 AM
Hi Greg - nice to see you this morning, how are things?
03/Jul/07 1:05 AM
03/Jul/07 1:06 AM
Hi CG. Will post when I get time.

Who's bigfoot?
03/Jul/07 1:16 AM
As my dad would have said, LINDA ... every day ... and twice on Sunday ...

So, when is Fiona coming??
03/Jul/07 1:16 AM
& thanks to all who welcomed me back. Feels good.
03/Jul/07 1:17 AM
Keith - Bigfoot is Judy's boy toy
03/Jul/07 1:18 AM
Judy - when either her or I win the lottery!
03/Jul/07 1:18 AM
Attn fellow Texans (DFW residents in particular)- Where can you buy and legally set off fireworks in the area? I live in Irving and this city has a ban. Any help would be appreciated as I've only been in this area for almost 3 years.
03/Jul/07 1:30 AM
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