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Medium Sudoku for 3/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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3:14 Maen! Nice photo of a national shrine
03/Jul/07 12:07 AM
5:59 - that's a pretty ordinary time, my brain just isn't in top gear tonight.
03/Jul/07 12:10 AM
Good morning to all! For some reason that one seemed very easy for me, as I breezed through it. Nice photo of the Alamo!
03/Jul/07 12:22 AM
5:39 Oh, I thought it was a ghost.
03/Jul/07 12:24 AM
3:52. Hello, sudokuland.
03/Jul/07 12:49 AM
Deep in the heart of rainy Texas,
03/Jul/07 12:54 AM
I think it is a ghost - and it has a smile?
03/Jul/07 12:58 AM
It's amazing, don't you think? ... with all of the adversity recorded during the history of the Alamo, that our forefathers had time to keep up that nice, green lawn? :)
03/Jul/07 1:12 AM
quite a somber place.
03/Jul/07 1:13 AM
One of the best times to see the outside of the Alamo is at night. Wish you had a shot of the trees around this place. A great place for a spring evening stroll.
03/Jul/07 1:27 AM
03/Jul/07 1:36 AM
3:19. Good Maen.
03/Jul/07 2:04 AM
I trying to remember what this building is.
03/Jul/07 2:13 AM
Nice photo. Thank you!
03/Jul/07 2:25 AM
Good Maen
03/Jul/07 2:39 AM
That Ghost must be holding a keep of the grass sign.

The gardens there are beautiful and a pleasant walk.
03/Jul/07 3:27 AM
03/Jul/07 3:28 AM
8:37. good Maen
03/Jul/07 4:00 AM
4:17 Good photo.
03/Jul/07 4:03 AM
sending yellow roses to Texas - I knew this picture before the comment came up - never been there - just El Paso - Mary
03/Jul/07 5:06 AM
4:48; I noticed the green lawn too, guess I tend to miss the big picture!
03/Jul/07 6:46 AM
Been there. Liked the Alamo better than the river walk.
03/Jul/07 6:46 AM
3:37 So Texas will remember!
03/Jul/07 7:14 AM
03/Jul/07 7:49 AM
What's happening in this picture?
While I was waiting for it to come through, it looked as though the people round the outside had hoses that they were squirting the people in the middle with - I thought maybe it was a traditional custom! But this is a place where there was a battle, isn't it?
03/Jul/07 8:29 AM
Great photo!
03/Jul/07 9:00 AM
For the first time I have actually been to the place in the photo. San Antonio or Austin, Texas are two of the only places that I would move to if I had to leave Florida.
03/Jul/07 9:21 AM
4.21 is that the ghost in the middle?
03/Jul/07 9:22 AM
Jenny, the people are tourists. More tourists visit the Alamo then anything else in Texas. The Alamo is the site of a major battle in Texas history. Except for a few individuals, Santa Ana’s army massacred everyone defending the Alamo. Because of this battle, the Texas army had time to prepare More...
03/Jul/07 10:23 AM
3:57 Thank you for the info Christina. As usual when you only get part of the story I just thought the Alamo was the site of a massacre - not as a part of a bigger picture.
03/Jul/07 12:01 PM
I will do.
03/Jul/07 2:50 PM
03/Jul/07 6:20 PM
4.12 Easy one today...
03/Jul/07 8:31 PM
That was interesting, thanks, Christina. I'm going to a party in Texas next year, maybe I should go and see it.

Is it anywhere near Wichita Falls?
03/Jul/07 11:01 PM
6:21 Maen all! Fireworks were good last night at St. John, IN. Recommended for next year!
03/Jul/07 11:34 PM
04/Jul/07 12:58 AM
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