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Easy Sudoku for 16/October/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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16/Oct/17 8:05 AM
Nice we're back.
16/Oct/17 8:05 AM
So it wasn't just me that couldn't get on the site earlier? Google told me to delete my cookies, so now I'm cookie-less.
16/Oct/17 8:13 AM
No, your cookies were probably fine. We have the occasional site crash, similar to a Boeing 747 flying into the side of a mountain. Gath always tidies it all up in short order.
16/Oct/17 8:25 AM
16/Oct/17 8:40 AM
afternoon here!
16/Oct/17 8:42 AM
Fire news: Nature can be weird!
My wife and I decided to return from son's home in Marin County to Napa Saturday.
Checking the fire maps, it appeared we were okay, with only smoke to worry about. Nearby, the maps and warnings told of a mandatory evacuation of eastern Sonoma, only a few miles More...
16/Oct/17 8:45 AM
Evening here. G'day all.
16/Oct/17 9:43 AM
Good evening to all! It is nice that the site is back up!
16/Oct/17 9:44 AM
Well, G'day everybody!
16/Oct/17 9:49 AM
Morning all, would love a feed of fat black juicy mulberries.
16/Oct/17 9:59 AM
So pleased for you Denny, welcome home!
16/Oct/17 10:00 AM
Thank you Keith for letting us know the site was back and thanks Gath.
16/Oct/17 10:01 AM
Back to the laundry I go now that I've had my fix !
16/Oct/17 10:03 AM
Might as well have a CP.
16/Oct/17 10:04 AM
I thinkl I might have broken the site with my LPOD claim. Glad to have it back though, just in time to post the results to Saturday's 1&4 poozle.
16/Oct/17 11:52 AM
Well we have six successful poster this time, six of the regulars, Judy, Peter, Amelia, Joyce and Sarah, together with Arachnid, who is not new to the site, but is a new poozler
DIVISION .. More...
16/Oct/17 12:01 PM
1:58, not a good puzzle to do 1->9 today! Good afternoon everyone.
16/Oct/17 12:28 PM
Back in time.
16/Oct/17 1:03 PM
Nice to hear from Denny.
16/Oct/17 1:03 PM
16/Oct/17 1:03 PM
16/Oct/17 1:04 PM
Whew - needed to hear from Keith & Denny - now all's good!
16/Oct/17 1:29 PM
Add Plum to the list of solvers, she was held up by the problem with the site.
16/Oct/17 4:04 PM
Hello everyone
Good the site is back
Beautiful green plants! for the post!!
16/Oct/17 6:18 PM
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