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Easy Sudoku for 19/April/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi, all!
19/Apr/18 12:00 AM
19/Apr/18 12:00 AM
19/Apr/18 12:02 AM
TftD: Remember, half of the people you know are below average.
19/Apr/18 12:04 AM
And half above???
That's a stretch sometimes!!!
19/Apr/18 12:16 AM
19/Apr/18 12:16 AM
Not sunny, but the snow melted!
Hope your day is filled with sunshine!
19/Apr/18 12:17 AM
Snagged for Shosho!
19/Apr/18 12:17 AM
Sometimes I am sure that there are many more below average than above. My maths brain then kicks in and calls me an idiot.
19/Apr/18 12:18 AM
You'll like tomorrow's TftD, Tricia.
19/Apr/18 12:25 AM
19/Apr/18 12:42 AM
Shiela, I love that watercolor! Do you mat and frame your paintings yourself? Many years ago, I took a class in matting and framing. It occurred to me that it would cheaper to have the process done by a pro as opposed to buying the equipment and framing material. I ended up framing my painting in the class and that was it.
19/Apr/18 12:44 AM
Happy news from Amelia!

CP is fine. She just posted on my FB page. Evidently, yesterday was Bat Appreciation Day, and she sent me a notice.
She has been traveling and returned home not too long ago.
19/Apr/18 12:51 AM
Wow! What is that bright thing in the sky making it look like diamonds are sparkling on the snow? Why, it's the sun!! I haven't seen Mr Sun in over 10 days. I forgot. Good morning everyone. What a difference sunlight can make on your attitude. Yippee!
19/Apr/18 1:23 AM
Thank you Plum for posting Sheila's watercolour. It's beautiful Sheila.
19/Apr/18 1:24 AM
I have put my Bat Appreciation Day greeting from CP on my page. Sandra Boynton (the artist) had never done a bat before. She said this was her first attempt. I love her stuff.
19/Apr/18 1:26 AM
Morning to all.
19/Apr/18 2:00 AM
Dreary, overcast, and chilly here.
19/Apr/18 2:01 AM
Been a long time since I've been ''in the neighborhood'' at the right time.
19/Apr/18 2:02 AM
It feels like I have the place to myself, at least for the moment.
19/Apr/18 2:02 AM
19/Apr/18 2:03 AM
19/Apr/18 2:03 AM
19/Apr/18 2:03 AM
Howdy Keith.
19/Apr/18 2:04 AM
Thanks, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!!!
19/Apr/18 2:04 AM
Oh sorry, I didn't know CP was missing here. But I saw from her fb page that she had been in a open door small plane taking pictures! Amazing shots of islands. All I can say was it looked harrowing! She must have had her seatbelt on tight!
19/Apr/18 2:07 AM
Hi Hal.
19/Apr/18 2:15 AM
Kathy, I take my paintings to a professional framer. I have found a framer who knows what I like and don't like and we work well together. I was actually trained as a framer, but never actually enjoyed doing it.
19/Apr/18 2:25 AM
Hail to the King of Twenty-Two! Welcome back!
19/Apr/18 2:29 AM
1:30. Good morning everyone.
19/Apr/18 3:49 AM
19/Apr/18 4:17 AM
Good afternoon to all! It's finally warming up a bit here, but still not flower weather.
19/Apr/18 4:18 AM
Sending my best wishes to Amelia and her daughter.
19/Apr/18 4:20 AM
Nice to see Keith regaining his number.
19/Apr/18 4:20 AM
Good mAen, good people. Long TODO list today. I may save up the puzzles for tomorrow's long ride.
19/Apr/18 4:58 AM
Nice to see the drama on yesterday's page 2. Thank you HalT, Joyce and Rage!
19/Apr/18 4:59 AM
Hi, Tricia and 🎂🎉🎈 to YOU! 🎁💐🍾
19/Apr/18 5:04 AM
Nice to see Keith in 22nd place where he belongs.
19/Apr/18 5:05 AM
Missing Peter. Sending my thoughts his way.
19/Apr/18 5:07 AM
19/Apr/18 5:25 AM
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