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Easy Sudoku for 21/October/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning everyone.
21/Oct/18 12:00 AM
everybody. Hi Chris, you're up late.
21/Oct/18 12:02 AM
1:42. I think it must be bed time...
21/Oct/18 12:02 AM
I am, it's not very often these day I make it past midnight.
21/Oct/18 12:03 AM
days, not day!
21/Oct/18 12:03 AM
goodnight Chris and all who follow.
21/Oct/18 12:13 AM
2:13 Very slow tonight.
Good night Chris, Rage and all who follow.
21/Oct/18 12:25 AM
2:19 Maybe I should have another cup of coffee.
21/Oct/18 12:41 AM
21/Oct/18 1:09 AM
21/Oct/18 1:40 AM
Beautiful picture Ian, thanks for sharing it with us. Suitable for framing. Good Eye.
21/Oct/18 2:01 AM
21/Oct/18 2:18 AM
It's still a nice surprise to see you posting, Wagdi! I'm happy you are back with us.
21/Oct/18 2:34 AM
Time for my weekly fun fest. Wombat's poozle!
21/Oct/18 2:36 AM
Good day Pikers, Hal, Denny, DotCom, Wagdi, and Kathy; sweet dreams Anne, Chris, & Rage & cheers to all left to appear!
21/Oct/18 3:12 AM
21/Oct/18 3:32 AM
21/Oct/18 3:36 AM
I am very glad to return back to the warm hearts and feeling of good friends.Thank you
21/Oct/18 3:39 AM
Ian for a gorgeous sunset photo!
21/Oct/18 4:35 AM
Lovely photo, Ian!
21/Oct/18 4:57 AM
Morning all, stunning photo, thanks Ian.
Our predicted storm arrived last night,no hail thank goodness but the lightening and thunder were amazing.
21/Oct/18 6:00 AM
21/Oct/18 6:02 AM
Kate, Anne and Irma.
21/Oct/18 6:02 AM
Thank goodness you made it in time, Keith.
21/Oct/18 6:04 AM
21/Oct/18 6:49 AM
1:53. A Good Evening to all (from Brooklyn - we're here to walk our daughter's dog, apparently).
21/Oct/18 10:27 AM

Yesterday's POOZLE had an error which has caused problems to a few people, and understandably so. It is entirely my fault. Sarah and I agreed that my original choice of HALF WITTED FEMALE CHILD with the response to be DIM GIRL was less than More...
21/Oct/18 10:46 AM
all! After a week of no internet as well as no printer, I am finally able to log into my favourite site. We were reduced to going to the library daily to check e-mails, but we're not able to do much else. We have another Open House tomorrow More...
21/Oct/18 11:25 AM
Interesting bit of trivia, the photo for tough today is of the rail trail bridge in East Gippsland Victoria. The trail is 96 kilometres (60 mi) long and passes through a variety of forest and farmland with occasional views of the Gippsland Lakes.

21/Oct/18 11:28 AM
We have told our agent that this will be the last Open House before we head south to our wonderful winter home. We are expecting snow flurries tonight, so the 'Great Trek South' can't begin too soon.
21/Oct/18 11:29 AM
Thank you for that, Rage. It is very interesting.
21/Oct/18 12:20 PM
Good maeN, good people. Well, the weather has forced an interruption of our weekend plans. Wind and several thunderstorms with hail this afternoon took out electricity in a wide area. There is a tree down on a line across the road from us that will have to wait for dawn (at least) before the More...
21/Oct/18 12:37 PM
A warm spiced cider would be good right now. No alcohol. I'm driving.
21/Oct/18 12:38 PM
Solve 9 first then 1->8.
21/Oct/18 12:39 PM
1:36 A lot faster than last night's time. I must have been more tired than I thought.
21/Oct/18 1:31 PM
Getting freezing cold ... hope it won't last ... thank you for this gorgeous sunset...
21/Oct/18 1:58 PM
Some sunsets are explosive and wild, some are peaceful, like this one.
21/Oct/18 2:19 PM
Thanks for the poozle clarification Wombat, I'd got down to Dim Girl as being all that was left, but it definitely didn't fit the clue!
21/Oct/18 10:07 PM
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