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Easy Sudoku for 24/April/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning to all!
24/Apr/16 12:06 AM
It's been a long time since I got the first post.
24/Apr/16 12:06 AM
24/Apr/16 12:09 AM

Hope the weather is clearing up over your way.
24/Apr/16 12:10 AM
Wishing you all the best this weekend!
24/Apr/16 12:21 AM
from me, too!
Rain was forecast here yesterday, but, we didn't get much. Hubby referred to it as ''fizzle drizzle''
With all the pollen, it just made my car look muddy. My silver car has a definite yellow tinge. I don't suffer More...
24/Apr/16 12:54 AM
My thoughts are with Ouima's family today as they celebrate the life of our remarkable friend. I know many of us will be there in spirit.
Love and peace, Mama. You meant so much to so many.
24/Apr/16 1:06 AM
Morning. Remembering Ouima.
24/Apr/16 1:17 AM
Back when I first joined the site, ten years ago, I distinctly remember the first thing that the sweet and naughty Mamacita said to me! I mentioned that I spend 4 months a year in the high mountains, and she asked if I enjoyed ''grass sandwiches.'' Still waters certainly DO run deep! I love you, dear Ouima. You are in God's hands now.
24/Apr/16 1:36 AM
Good morning.
24/Apr/16 2:47 AM
Very perceptive, our Mama, to pick up on someone's personality from just a few words.
24/Apr/16 2:49 AM
Wish I could be there.
24/Apr/16 2:50 AM
I have a busyish day today. Having high tea this morning for a friend's 60th birthday. (Seems wrong, high tea in the morning - but I think it means tea with all the trimmings that you'd get for afternoon tea.
24/Apr/16 2:54 AM
Then probably a gallery visit with our guests this afternoon before a roast dinner cooked by Mr P.
24/Apr/16 2:57 AM
Great photo today. Love that it's on a white background.
24/Apr/16 3:10 AM
My first thought was model train.
24/Apr/16 3:32 AM
24/Apr/16 4:43 AM
When Mamacita and I first met in the SF Sudoku meeting, we struck off being closest of friends! One, we were the shortest members there, two, we both were inclined to giggle, three, we both could get rather tipsy after two glasses of wine!
24/Apr/16 4:46 AM
Even then I showed my propensity for getting lost! Remember, Sue? I started talking to the other drivers and street signs! There was one street that wouldn't allow us to make a right or left turn! So we went from one end of that street to the other until we could get to the restaurant by the beach!
24/Apr/16 4:48 AM
Morning all, love the train in today's pic.
24/Apr/16 5:29 AM
24/Apr/16 5:34 AM
24/Apr/16 5:34 AM
I too have been thinking of Ouima's family as they celebrate the life of their mother ,grandmother and great grandmother.
We will always remember her as Mamacita.
24/Apr/16 5:39 AM
Oops almost did Keith out of his 22 ! Luckily for you Keith my sister was talking to me . 👍😄
24/Apr/16 5:43 AM
Mama, after first visiting my page, Called me a hunk (not). She told me Sully's name but said she just called him 'Honey'. I think she was the Honey, and all the rest of us were just bees attracted to her insight and great personality.
24/Apr/16 6:52 AM
I was very lucky to meet her when Jane and I blitzed the US eastern states. A beautiful soul. 💕
24/Apr/16 7:01 AM
Enjoy your day folks - I'm off shovelling sheep poo, today. My garden will love it.
24/Apr/16 7:02 AM
Just so you keep the garden happy, Sacky...
24/Apr/16 11:06 AM
I still cannot believe Mamacita's really gone. She had such a great attitude towards life! ...You will be missed, Mamacita!
24/Apr/16 12:34 PM
I too remember Mamacita's post...lovely ladie! May she rest in peace!
24/Apr/16 12:37 PM
Very late, but wanted to Sudoku before the changeover to the next day.

Never met her in person, but enjoyed Mamacita's insights and words of wisdom, here and on TOS.
24/Apr/16 11:00 PM
24/Apr/16 11:59 PM
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