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Easy Sudoku for 27/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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did it in 1:58 whooohooo
Am I first again? Time to do the puzzle now!
Looks like some of our party goers going home the next morning.
good morning all hope the hangovers are minor
Nice vacation on a river Ki-acing?
soft sea breeze please be gentle with me
for enticing eric is strong
we need a ball to flex and play
and my legs are lean and am i wrong
to want to play with that body of his
now i am in a right little tiss
who shall it be that i frolic with today
when i want to play ball with eric hey hey
damn 1 more day of holidays!
Come Magnitite, so soft and light
I will take you for a ride this night
I will softly lift you from the ground
and the beach is where I'll take you round
To see the party now first hand
And it's your choice where we will land
is this a poetry site now?
oooh glory boy take care please
enticing eric is not all he seems!
Rose and I are in the chatroom singing with all guests except th aliens zeta and nordic out here
2:01 Good morning and I hope you all enjoyed a fantastic Australia day!!
I hope everyone is feeling rested and relaxed after the holiday.
3:22 definitely a happy girl today
2:12 the photo makes me long for camping season in northern ontario. It's still a little chilly here for that. We do plan to take Liam into the backwoods this summer for his first camping experience!
Get with it
Why are we all writing poem on this site
I would rather pull my eye out with might
after reading your poems i feel real sick
and therefore should tell you all to find another website to click
why cant you all get a life
and play soduku like all of us tonight
3:06 using a notebook touchpad - would have been a good time with a real mouse!

Good night all.
2.23 not too bad
late party goers or heading home
have a great day on and all
good afternoon - hope all you partygoers in Australia are enjoying the hot weather; my car was too cold to start this morning!
3:10 and 5 degrees C
I thought Newfoundland was in Canada? Please fill me in! Thanks
Good MAEN everyone.

Is this Canada? Or NZ? or Tassie?
You really do like to go straight in with your foot in your mouth don't you. Some people learn how to be obnoxious jerks and some are born like it - I wonder which one you are !
take your head out of the sand g'day
for we can have fun and play
if we decide for a party to go
then enjoy we will as well as sudoku
for a beach party we have played all day
you scould go or you could stay
and if we choose another party we may plan
to enjoy with friends from across all the land
Its 12:14am here and im feeling pretty warm. I have the air con on. Is anyone feeling the same heat? To those in the northern hemisphere....sorry!
What are you talking about? I just want to clear up my geography! it was a simple question! where do you get off calling me obnoxious! someone needs some sleep or should take a pill!
Hi Gath

Broken link:

when you're in chat and you click 'home' to get back here - you can't

Yes Gday, Newfoundland is in Canada, however of French origin (hence we speak French). Dont worry about that person having a go at you, he or she is obviously a cranky person
4:01 I could have been quicker. Hi to all and hope you are all ok.

Thought for the Day:

Wouldn't it be smart to make the sticky stuff on envelopes taste like chocolate?
Yes, NewFoundland is part of Canada. It is on the Eastern Coast. Hope this Helps:)
you need to read ALL G'days posts before defending him
Good MAEN everyone,3:51.
wow these sudoku games r so fun my mom does them but she has a book of them that she got from the store they r so much fun peace out all yalls
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