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Easy Sudoku for 3/November/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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As the expression sometimes goes,

Is it soup yet?

03/Nov/07 12:03 AM
Good Maen
03/Nov/07 12:03 AM
You got here first Nicki. The page would not load.
03/Nov/07 12:04 AM
Good morning all! Beautiful crisp Fall day here! Leaving for Boston in a few minutes to watch my daughter's soccer game. Have a great day! (second try, first post didn't go through)
03/Nov/07 12:05 AM
2:48 good evening everyone. Liam does look cute!

Hello Amanda and Johnathan if you check the site today!
03/Nov/07 12:09 AM
03/Nov/07 12:10 AM
Liam is very cute.
03/Nov/07 12:11 AM
Could this be 'our Liam' - the very first Sudoku baby? Just ended a lovely night. Had mum and my brother over for dinner to celebrate his and hubby's birthdays. They were born in the same hospital 2 days apart. (And yes, I've heard all the baby swap jokes). Son #1 then took the 2 of them out for a More...
03/Nov/07 12:14 AM
My twin grandsons were a big surprize. Crysal went to the hospital to have her baby and then whoos here's another one. Big scramble to get things ready for number two.
03/Nov/07 12:24 AM
Is this our wonderful Liam, son of Lisa of Toronto, and our much awaited first Sudoku baby?? How lovely, if a trifle untimely, as by my reckoning, he would be almost 2 by now!! Still great to see this pic, as I evidently missed it first time round, and what a goegeous boy he is!!!

Great More...
03/Nov/07 12:26 AM
Hello Susan, great memories think alike!
And many congrats dorthea, how exciting, and a surprise is certainly so in this medical age!!!
03/Nov/07 12:30 AM
It is absolutely pouring here, and best news is that they are also getting it out west! Night all!
03/Nov/07 12:41 AM
Golly, I am almost a CPer!! Will try for one more.
03/Nov/07 12:42 AM
And I am!! Hello CP, am joining your ranks!! But as I am obviously talking to my self am off to bed. Night all!!
03/Nov/07 12:44 AM

Wow, Dorthea,

Was there no sonogram? Why didn't the second heartbeat get heard? Did she seem big for one?

Granted, it's a NICE surprise, but in today's world I could see missing a fifth or sixth or whatever but not a second.

03/Nov/07 12:48 AM
03/Nov/07 12:49 AM
Eve - sorry to be so tardy in responding to your note about Trader Joe's. No, there is no Trader Joe's in Jacksonville. The closest is in the Atlanta area, but that's almost a 6-hour drive from here. I LOVE TJ's! When we lived in Richmond, we would commute to Washington (DC) once or twice a More...
03/Nov/07 12:49 AM
Does anyone know how to find the spell check on firefox? The d... thing said it was spelled wrong, but I couldn't figure a way for it to change the word.
03/Nov/07 12:50 AM
The twins are 28 now, but she did have a sonagram and heartbeat check, One of them was behing the other and the hearts beart together. My mother-in-law said she was going to have twins but the doctors said not.
03/Nov/07 12:56 AM
By the way, for all you Costco shoppers out there, we bought a cake yesterday that is (to coin an Aussie word) WONGERFUL! If you get the chance, try the Cinnamon Butter Pound Coffeecake. YUM!

Also, Judy, they have definitely discontinued the F&W Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce at the More...
03/Nov/07 12:58 AM
If this is Lisa of Toronto's Liam, then I think he just turned two on Oct. 18!! Wow, can't believe I've been hanging around here that long. How many other "old timers" remember waiting for the announcement of Liam's birth??
Susan, what are profeteroles? Happy belated birthday to your hubby & brother. What kind of did you bake (or buy?)?
03/Nov/07 12:59 AM
Jane, sorry you had a few disappointments in your shopping. But what's really important is how did your tennis match go??
03/Nov/07 1:02 AM
think i would definitely love to go shopping with you jane! looks like you have the delights of life down to a fine art!!!!
03/Nov/07 1:05 AM
1:50 - Beautiful child!
03/Nov/07 1:09 AM
My son Sam started his VCE (final year exams for those of you in America) yesterday with English. I think he is far more calm about this process and unstressed than I am. Tells me he did OK, but haven't seen much evidence of a great deal of commitment to study. Hope his predictions of an average More...
03/Nov/07 1:09 AM
Kathy - WE WON ALL FOUR MATCHES! (Of course I should mention that the other team forfeited the #3 and #4 doubles). But anyway, we won the two that were played. (Billy and I won the #1 doubles 6-3, 6-2.)
03/Nov/07 1:13 AM
Mariane - good luck to son Sam! And, Mum, I think you need a nice big slice of Cinnamon Butter Pound Coffeecake to calm your nerves!
03/Nov/07 1:15 AM
Kathy, I meant profiteroles and I think you call them cream puffs - a small round baked choux pastry with a custardy/creamy filling and chocolate topping. I could've eaten the lot of them. I bought them and the coffee walnut cake. One thing I can't do is make sweets, not that I've ever tried. My expertise extends only to eating them.
03/Nov/07 1:21 AM
Susan - My husband (Mr. Sweet Tooth) LOVES profiteroles. Back in the early days of our marriage, I used to make things like that regularly. (I'm from the Julia Child "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" era!) Now, I just buy them. Of course, in the old days in the Midwest, it was More...
03/Nov/07 1:37 AM
Jane, I love cinnamon! Must have coffee with you sometime.
03/Nov/07 1:37 AM
03/Nov/07 1:41 AM
morning greetings friends!
hope you all have a fun productive weekend. what a beautiful boy that little liam. cherish every moment with the little ones! have a blessed day everyone.
03/Nov/07 1:41 AM
Thanks for the best wishes for Sam. He is my creative child and is talented with his artwork/catooning - very much in the Japanese style called animé, so hopefully will achieve his aim regardless of his exam results.
03/Nov/07 1:42 AM
03/Nov/07 1:42 AM
hi rob!
I know what you mean about treasuring your little ones. several of my colleagues have just had the most gorgeous little girls and it is making me so clucky! at the time you are so busy, and i don't think we realise how sppecial the time with them is!
03/Nov/07 1:45 AM
Jane, despite all our labour saving devices, I think we're much busier now than our mothers ever were. Most of us work and run our children around to all sorts of activities on top of everything else, plus our houses are much bigger. I can sew, but rarely do apart from curtains and dancing More...
03/Nov/07 1:46 AM
susan, our mums had the good sense to just do one full time job - run a family! whenever i have holidays irealise how long it takes to look after my lot - there are 5 of us. i just get the house looking vaguely reasonable and catch up with the ironing pile and i go back to work and it all envelopes me again! love what i do, though.
03/Nov/07 1:48 AM
OK time for bed...big party tonight but I haven't a thing to wear...80s theme and I never saved anything with gigantic shoulder pads or Princess of Wales style ruffles.
03/Nov/07 1:48 AM
good night everyone - hope i might go to bed and listen to some reain - it is supposed to be happening this weekend. do hope they are right!!!
03/Nov/07 1:51 AM
I enjoy my work too, mariane, (but can't honestly say 'love' as I wouldn't do it if I wasn't getting paid for it!)but I'm so glad that I have the choice of whether or not I want to work - no pressure from my husband - so I choose to work parttime and enjoy the best of both worlds. My youngest is More...
03/Nov/07 1:55 AM
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