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Easy Sudoku for 30/November/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I'm still reeling from shock!
30/Nov/19 12:09 AM
As I type this it is the first post - first time ever!!

This is a re-post from two days ago which some people may not have seen:
I am not clever enough to take over Wombat's puzzle which requires a degree of intelligence I do not possess.

I am, if anyone is More...
30/Nov/19 12:11 AM
No I'm not. Someone is staying up late
30/Nov/19 12:12 AM
1:52 Good night all. Enjoy your weekend. Mine is going to be very busy.
30/Nov/19 12:14 AM
G'day y'all
30/Nov/19 12:19 AM
1:44. Good Morning From, Arachnid, Anne, aussie and everyone!
30/Nov/19 12:23 AM
Sorry Spidey. You will just have to type faster. Thanks Tom.
30/Nov/19 1:15 AM
Everybody!! Still feeling stuffed from yesterday's big meal!
30/Nov/19 2:33 AM
The problem of going to someone else's home for Thanksgiving means no leftover turkey in the fridge. My solution: picked up a little turkey to roast this weekend (big enough for ample leftover sandwiches and such)
30/Nov/19 4:33 AM
30/Nov/19 5:05 AM
I know, right, Aileen?! If everyone didn't pig out so much, there would be leftovers to divide up and take home! We do the same thing for St. Patricks Day ... buy several of the dirt-cheap corned beef briskets and cook them for corned beef and Reuben sandwiches!
30/Nov/19 5:05 AM
Now here's a first. I lost weight after Thanksgiving Day. I was so busy that by the time everyone left, I found my plate still full of food! Every time I would sit to eat, I had to stop, get up and help someone or get something ready. Between not being able to eat all day and sheer amount of frantic activity, I lost a couple of pounds!
30/Nov/19 5:12 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
30/Nov/19 5:13 AM
Leftovers? What leftovers? I threaten every family that NO ONE LEAVES WITHOUT A CARE PACKAGE. So that took care of the leftovers. I had a niece help me prepare them, we make 6 big tupperware containers and, poof, there goes the leftovers so my poor frig is not overwhelmed!
30/Nov/19 5:17 AM

Nice flower photo
30/Nov/19 5:22 AM
1:34, felt slower. Good morning all.
30/Nov/19 5:26 AM
all. Back home... until Christmas.
30/Nov/19 5:35 AM
Morning all, pretty little flowers on that bottlebrush.
Arachnid,loved doing your puzzles so it's a yes from me.
30/Nov/19 6:07 AM
30/Nov/19 6:30 AM
Pretty pink flowers. Kate.
30/Nov/19 6:42 AM

Everyone here left with ALL the left overs. I didn't realize all the turkey was gone until I tried for a sandwich for lunch. I ended up with grilled cheese. I must learn not to say, ''Take whatever you want. We won't eat all that''. More...
30/Nov/19 6:50 AM
Arachnid, I would be extremely happy to see your general knowledge poozles again!
30/Nov/19 6:54 AM
I seem to have barged into Keith's spot!
30/Nov/19 6:55 AM
Well, while I'm here....

I was recently diagnosed with color blindnes. I was shocked. It came out of the green.
30/Nov/19 6:57 AM
Some jerk attacked me in the street yesterday and ran off with my limbo stick.

I mean, how low can you go?
30/Nov/19 6:58 AM
30/Nov/19 7:00 AM
It is always a pleasure to for;low on from Kathy, even if it is nearly two and a half hours later. This is today's POOZLE:

NOV 30 (A&X)

This week's Saturday poozle is 2&4 poozle,
We will work through the alphabet giving you the second and fourth letters (B&D) of a
word More...
30/Nov/19 9:25 AM
Good maEn
Belated Thanksgiving greetings !
30/Nov/19 11:04 AM
I hosted thanksgiving for husband’s family, years ago. His parents brought the turkey and then took it all home - left no leftovers for anyone else. I do believe that was the year I paged myself and told everyone I had been called in to work. Great strategy if you need a moment
30/Nov/19 11:07 AM
I have always enjoyed Friday leftover meal - it is better then the feast to me
30/Nov/19 11:09 AM
everyone. Everyone’s talk of leftovers has made me feel peckish! As our families have got bigger over the years it became increasingly difficult to get everyone together on Christmas Day, so a few years ago we made the decision to set aside Boxing Day for the larger, extended More...
30/Nov/19 1:49 PM
Note from the puzzle editor: In the list of endings in F, the I should be IS.
30/Nov/19 2:20 PM
We are hosting Christmas this year for immediate family plus my sisters family. As my eldest son is stationed away from Perth there will be 18 of us. I have seen my wife's provisional list of food required which will be enough to sink a large ship. The joy will come from seeing the grandies and More...
30/Nov/19 3:58 PM
Sorry, rushed in at drink time and didn't buy. So today something I just bought on special down at BWS. Join me in an icy cold Heineken
30/Nov/19 4:01 PM
Whast do you call a bommerang that won't come back?

A stick
30/Nov/19 4:02 PM
What is the difference between yoghurt and Australia?

Yoghurt has some culture
30/Nov/19 4:03 PM
A Pom arrives and Australian immigration desk. Do you have a criminal record? asks the officer

Sorry, didn't know you needed one now was the reply
30/Nov/19 4:04 PM
Why are murders so hard to solve in Tasmania?

Because there are no dental records and all the DNA matches
30/Nov/19 4:07 PM
What do you call an Aussie with 100 girlfriends?

A farmer
30/Nov/19 4:08 PM
You know you are a bogan/redneck when you take out a loan to pay for your tattoo.

And that is BOTP
30/Nov/19 4:10 PM
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