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Easy Sudoku for 5/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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What should I pack? Very hot in February, I assume.
05/Jan/16 12:01 AM
Good morning to all! It's tough to beat Wolf for the first post. Wolf!
05/Jan/16 12:10 AM
That's a super photo today. I've seen it before but I can't remember where it's from.
05/Jan/16 12:12 AM
Nice to see the Phantom again. 2016 will be a good Sudoku year with his/her/it's posts continuing!
05/Jan/16 12:14 AM
05/Jan/16 12:57 AM
05/Jan/16 2:36 AM

Off to get some testing done, then to an Italian restaurant for a late luncheon. Good excuse not to cook again today. Then it's back to reality and probably won't eat out but about once a month since snow decided to arrive yesterday.
05/Jan/16 2:38 AM
Happy Monday!
05/Jan/16 3:52 AM
05/Jan/16 4:24 AM
Darn, missed my fav number by a half an hour!
05/Jan/16 4:24 AM
Morning all, beautiful waterfall .
I couldn't sleep with the sound of the continuous heavy rain , it hasn't stopped all night.
05/Jan/16 4:53 AM
Wolf, you assume right, it is mostly hot.
We do get the odd cold snap so bring a jacket just in case.
05/Jan/16 4:58 AM
Chris,have a great day celebrating with the family.
05/Jan/16 5:00 AM
Good morning.
05/Jan/16 5:47 AM
Slept through apart from a couple of bathroom visits - yay!
05/Jan/16 5:48 AM
Will have to get used to sleeping through (hopefuly) on the cruise as I won't be able to get up and make hot milk or play on the pooter!
05/Jan/16 5:49 AM
Finished 95% of my packing yesterday, just a few items to add today.
05/Jan/16 5:50 AM
With a day to spare - very proud of myself.
05/Jan/16 5:51 AM
Close enough
05/Jan/16 6:15 AM
to go for it.
05/Jan/16 6:15 AM
05/Jan/16 6:15 AM
05/Jan/16 6:15 AM
Lovely waterfall photo!
05/Jan/16 6:23 AM
Thanks for the birthday wishes Amelia! I don't often post on here these days but I'm still on the site doing the puzzles every day and keep an eye on what's going on.
05/Jan/16 7:37 AM
Happy Birthday Chris.
05/Jan/16 9:32 AM
Chris. Don't eat too much cake or it will slow you down for your run!
05/Jan/16 9:46 AM
05/Jan/16 10:04 AM
Almost dinner time as soon as the roast is done.
05/Jan/16 11:05 AM
Very busy day, it must be Monday. Trying to catch up with life after so many days of being lazy.
05/Jan/16 11:06 AM
Can we get to a second page today? Time will tell I guess.
05/Jan/16 11:45 AM
05/Jan/16 12:42 PM
Good afternoon everyone
Wolf it will depend on where you are going.
It will be hot but you need to pack a raincoat/windbreaker and a jumper in case there is a cold snap.. happens down south.
05/Jan/16 1:17 PM
Bean. Wolf is also doing a cruise to NZ so he will need some warm wind jackets as well.
05/Jan/16 4:15 PM
Heavy rain and I believe the roof of a local supermarket has partially collapsed. It is not a shop I go to very often. My garden is getting nicely watered.
05/Jan/16 4:20 PM
I have been to the movies today to see 'The Dressmaker'. An Aussie film with a lot of Aussie satire. I enjoyed it but not sure if it would be such a hit in other countries.
05/Jan/16 4:22 PM
My goodness June, I would have hated to be in the supermarket when that happened. It was bad enough when the OP shop ceiling collapsed on top of myself and my coworker at Robinvale.
05/Jan/16 5:28 PM

Today in Summary.........

Easy – No comment waterfall.

Wolf – Late again, mate. Don’t wear anything, it’s warm in gaol. BTW in Melbourne you’ll get to wear everything you pack, all in the one day.

CG – A dismal second. And More...
05/Jan/16 7:09 PM
Chris! and many more! Hope you had a lovely day!
05/Jan/16 8:02 PM
Thanks Phantom. as long as the roof on my house does not collapse I am happy.
05/Jan/16 8:43 PM
So close to turning the page.
05/Jan/16 8:44 PM
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