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Easy Sudoku for 23/November/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Leaving for Austin soon. See you next week.
23/Nov/17 12:06 AM
Hi everyone. Sad news as another one bites the dust way too young.

R.I.P David Cassidy.
23/Nov/17 12:26 AM
Good Maen, good people.
23/Nov/17 12:37 AM
23/Nov/17 1:56 AM

Another complete day, Denny.
23/Nov/17 2:15 AM
23/Nov/17 4:26 AM
So close . . .
23/Nov/17 4:26 AM
23/Nov/17 4:27 AM
1:18. Good morning everyone. Safe travelling Wolf!
23/Nov/17 5:51 AM
Barbara and chocolate lover, hope you both have a great day!
23/Nov/17 5:53 AM
Interesting rock! Joann.
23/Nov/17 6:19 AM
Morning all,unusual rock formation , thanks Joann.
We are looking after great grandie Cailin today while dad is at work and mum is at university.
23/Nov/17 6:26 AM
Barbara and chocolate lover. Enjoy your day.
23/Nov/17 6:29 AM
23/Nov/17 6:44 AM
Five ECCO poozlers this week, Judy (Two entries), Sarah, Arachnid, Wombat and Plum.

All successful - what a smart bunch of people.
23/Nov/17 8:29 AM
23/Nov/17 12:56 PM
Well, just how long does one have to amble along here?
23/Nov/17 2:26 PM
Where's Keith?
23/Nov/17 2:27 PM
Not here, that's for sure.
23/Nov/17 2:27 PM
Might as well keep ambling along.
23/Nov/17 2:28 PM
Oh lookey here, wot's this I ask?
23/Nov/17 2:29 PM
Tread lightly, it's Keith's twenty two!
23/Nov/17 2:30 PM
Just in time, I'm exhausted!
23/Nov/17 2:31 PM
Good afternoon All. there is is great excitement because it is youngest GS's birthday and he is having 'hot dogs' for the first time. Basically hot dogs are not big favourites in this neck of the woods. Mrs. Wombat has been implored to make an apple crumble, and so she is taking the ingredients More...
23/Nov/17 2:34 PM
Hello, everyone - we have returned from seesaw weather Denver; had a grand visit with daughter #4.
23/Nov/17 3:08 PM
Early Thanksgiving greetings to all who celebrate
23/Nov/17 3:09 PM
Peter, I'm so glad you don't 'reveal' the answers to your ECCO poozles; but I thought you allowed more than 24 hours before expecting answers to be submitted.

23/Nov/17 3:14 PM
Joyce, submit away. No time limit.
23/Nov/17 3:17 PM
I'm working on your recent veggie & fruit one, but haven't had much time to put toward solving your most cryptic clues... don't lose your answer sheet - my entry will straggle in eventually!
23/Nov/17 3:17 PM
Wombat, gettin' near to beer o'clock!
23/Nov/17 3:18 PM
Thanks, Peter, you beat me to my request.... and messed with my hope to have a CP -
23/Nov/17 3:19 PM
Didn't expect an answer from you, Joyce. Seein' as you were away an' all!
23/Nov/17 3:22 PM
That's it I'm havin' a Mercury cider.

The rest of you can help yourselves - leave your money on the fridge!
23/Nov/17 3:24 PM
Peter you are bing very generous. Judging bu how few postings there have been it is unlikely you will make it to 66, but we might get to page turning time., but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth. might get
23/Nov/17 3:29 PM
Sorry about those extra two words. Now I see that Peter wasn't so generous, but does cider qualify for beer o'clock?
23/Nov/17 3:32 PM
I do love those Mercury Cider advertisements though. I keep looking for a thylacine in the background.
23/Nov/17 3:34 PM
To try to bring back some purity to beer o'clock, I'll suggest imbibing a Red Back, one of the first of the craft beers in Oz. We saw it in WA many years ago, but I don't know if it still exists. Perhaps Anne can inform us.
23/Nov/17 3:37 PM
I'll try for a CP, hoping that the Indian Giver, Peter doesn't jump in.
23/Nov/17 3:38 PM
Yay he didn't. This competition for spots keeps us going, and that's not a bad thing.
23/Nov/17 3:40 PM
I can't let the end of page ! go by without noting it. Bye bye page one.
23/Nov/17 3:41 PM
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