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Easy Sudoku for 8/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Just a warm up for Medium.
3.48 - Phew! Really feels cool to get under 4 minutes at last. Even if I did have to jump the gun.
Now is that little fella 'the baby Liam'. It doesnt seem long enough ago we were all awaiting news.
4th again!
3.48 snap elsie.
No pic!
Woohoo! 3:22...cute baby pic.
3:20. Hello everybody..this is my last shift for 6 nights!! Yippee roll on 7:30am!!! Have a good week all.
cutie - time terrible - out of practice - Monday AM in Texas - beautiful day - if we don't get some rain we will all dry up and blow away - 10+ inches under norm.
2.37 no reward
hi jess
under 4 mins today getting better
bye a strom is coming
love marie
I wish I had timed it, that one was so easy. Cute baby. That can't be Liam right? That baby seems too old. Very cute though :)
again......... i'm a genius!!!!!! and you all smell
6:49 fast for me, slooow for you all. Cute baby!!!! Whose baby is it?
I Did it!!!
wat a cute baby!!!
2.37(for Geoff from Dapto).jsherp,you are a very naughty man indeed,and I think I like you!Glad ksherp doesn't mind you window shopping.These straps are quite comfortable,but do cause something of a problem with tan lines.Perhaps we should have a focus group to find solutions?As it's a business More...
3:31 Good morning, all! Details on the wedding?
2:16, That baby could not be Liam, he's too big. Liam's picture was on Saturday in a cute blue outfit.
What a cutie!! It is another great fall day here. I will take my little cutie out for a walk. He love going outside.
2:23 very cute baby & daddy. not little Liam. Who claims parentage to this bundle of joy?
hang on Di, I've got some of that spray tan stuff - hold still for goodness sake, it's going in your drink - oops, it went all over the drop bear cushion - oh dear, who was it that was lying on the drop bear cushion, I'm having trouble concentrating, must be that bubbly stuff, what's it called again?
Nancy - did you lose power in the windstorm yesterday? Mine was out for about 10 minutes, but luckily no longer. Somehow my front lawn is absolutely covered with leaves, and all of our neighbours' are bare. Clearly we have upset the leaf Gods...
Thanks Fiona,you're a life saver.Or was that a life saver on the cushion?The bubbly stuff is called Berocca,and you MUST drink it all up.How else do you expect to keep up with Teddy-bare jsherp and the rest?Are there any chips left over?I could use one or two for breakfast!
Yes, it's Des Moines IA, and I late today because my nephew missed the bus because the dog got out. Get the dog (we need pictures of cats people please) first - so playfull in the morning he is. and the drive the 9 miles in morning trafic to get him there on time. But it's a beatiful day here. How is it where you all are?
Hi jsherp, my hubby always says it doesn't matter where you get your appetite as long as you eat at home - have to tell him the window shopping one.And G from D, that was a good one! Here Teddy, let me adjust your bowtie again(he hasn't worked out the bowtie/fireworks connection yet)
7:59 my best time ever! - and it was the nephew that I had to get to school - not the dog (though that might not be a bad idia)
What are you doing up at this hour,Susan.I haven't worked out the bowtie and fireworks connection either,but then I've missed a few days recently,and it's so hard to catch up on all the posts now there are so many!
Hi everyone 5.35 my best so far
Teddy is now bare???? Sorry about the chips, they cleared off after the hen night, visibly the worse for wear in a hot air balloon. None left, never mind, the boys got the hang of a few routines, which explains the bow ties. WHAT is berocca, another wierd aussie concoction?? I'll stick to the champers thank you, I mean you could be feeding me anything!
6:30my best time ever i am very happy to get
Who claims the cute baby boy?
KB/DM Its my day off so naturally it just started to rain. So much outside work to do. But my shoulder hurts, so maybe its a good thing. I have a 23lb, 7 toed (on each fron paw) black cat. I could try to submit his picture, but he might not fit on the screen.
Di, I had a big day in Townsville today, then fell asleep early, just woke now, and am getting hubby's lunch together. He goes to work at 3.45am. What about you? (whispering)Teddy has fireworks connected to his bowtie, if you adjust it, he gets a bit of a bang. We should reserve it for his naughty comments time, but it's too much fun
Not my child, mine were all dark haired. What I would have given for a blonde haired blue eyed little boy! And what grief I would have gotten from dh, all that explaining!
hi friends iam compleated these game in 7min iam very happy to compleate these game .
best of luck for all who was playing thesegame

Fiona, Berocca is a Vitamin B supplement that's supposedly great for hangovers. Fiona, what country are you actually from, why did you go to France? Di, meant big day yesterday (Mon). What's this? Trevene signs in and leaves before we marry her off? It'll have to be Amber/Michigan now, since Amber's printed on the program. I'm sure andre will be fine with that.
Berocca is a fizzy vitamin B pick me up for the morning after.Helps the shocked liver stand up to life in general.Champers also works,however,especially with strawberries(see pic-maybe medium?)Never mind about the chips-I'm on a diet anyway.I need a little exercise to work off some of these booze calories(I'm sorry,did I just swear?)Any of the boys up?
What a sweetie! After reading all the exclamations about the cute baby, I just had to race through the puzzle to see him! I'm so ga-ga about babies, I'll stop to chat up mums in the store, just to see their wee ones!
Susan,I am a vampire.Not the bitey kind,just the stay up all night kind.I am at a friend's place.She has a computer(which I don't)and doesn't mind me being here all njght,typing away.She reckons she sleeps better knowing someone's awake in the house.As I work afternoons and evenings(I am a musician More...
Maybe Brad is out there - he's from Mackay.
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