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Medium Sudoku for 11/November/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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4:09 - stunning photo! Congrats to whoever took it.
11/Nov/07 12:10 AM
Dark! Early morning or late evening? You have more time to think than I have. Shot and run is my motto.
11/Nov/07 12:15 AM
Not shot... shoot!!!
11/Nov/07 12:20 AM
4:52 Lovely photo. Is this one of Ian's or maybe Kate's.
11/Nov/07 12:34 AM
Maen! 2:44 I'll second the consensus opinion. A very nice shot.
11/Nov/07 12:57 AM
4:03 - beautiful blossoms
11/Nov/07 1:50 AM
Pretty :)
11/Nov/07 1:54 AM
Maen. Hmmm.. as I look out my window at the grey skies weeping an endless drizzle on the leafless trees, I'm not sure if this picture helps more or hurts more... All the butterflies are hiding and it's a LONG time 'til spring!
However, I guess it does draw closer every day! :-)
11/Nov/07 2:01 AM
Too easy
11/Nov/07 2:16 AM
Lovely picture.
Good mAen to all of you.
11/Nov/07 3:05 AM
3.52 super speedy
11/Nov/07 3:05 AM
Good morning to all! Wonderful capture by the photographer! Thank you for sharing this!
11/Nov/07 3:32 AM
That makes me feel good just looking at it!
11/Nov/07 3:36 AM
Very nice picture
11/Nov/07 3:38 AM
11/Nov/07 4:06 AM
Oh! How pretty.

Alene - you can always dream of Spring! Do you get a lot of snow there in Sokane?
11/Nov/07 8:34 AM
Woops -

Sokane = Spokane
11/Nov/07 8:35 AM
3.34 lovely photo, nice timing
11/Nov/07 9:14 AM
4:05 Maybe we should rename the Medium puzzle the Photographers Gallery. We have so many talented photographers who post on this page!
11/Nov/07 9:23 AM
I'll second that Rose, this is lovely!!
11/Nov/07 10:15 AM
mmm, spring! flowers! fruit!
11/Nov/07 1:30 PM
4.38 Alene-That's some good positive thinking there!
11/Nov/07 9:18 PM
4:32. Good Maen to All.
11/Nov/07 11:54 PM
12/Nov/07 5:02 AM
12/Nov/07 9:26 AM
13/Nov/07 3:43 AM
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