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Medium Sudoku for 12/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Just seeing if I can be first. Good Maen
4:49. Another lovely flower picture.
7:28. hibiscus?
6:58 another flower.
5.51 - Well done Tom on being first
What a beautiful picture. stunning!
happy Maen all
9:18 on the lap-top. Pretty hibiscus..
5:19 Maen
8:31 Hi to all. A beautiful day to enjoy!

Chocolate Thought for the Day:

Man cannot live on chocolate alone; but women sure can!
Yes! A hibiscus! Nice photo.
6:34 Another beautiful flower picture! Has anyone fessed up to shooting these lovely pictures yet?
16:46 Got stuck and needed to use possibilities. Congrats to the flower photographer. They really are superb.
MAEN 4:04 Somebody got their camera down really low for that pretty picture!
7:22 - slow but corect - nice day
it's official, I'm getting GOOD at these mediums!!
Gummed up the timer, but I'll agree with the group--a beautiful photo of the hibiscus. Applause to the photographer. Have a great day, all!
Hello. The flower is nice but it brings back the idea of allergies, not fun at all.
13:21 ... a terrible, end-of-the day score
Well Done
Maen, all =) I have to agree with you, Joe from NJ!
8:09 mAen to all. I wonder if this is the same person who took yesterday's picture. Well done! I always look forward to what the puzzle solution will bring.
Harder than usual, I thought. Maybe because brain wasn't fully in gear after being up 1/2 the night tending to my son's allergies. Pollen is REALLY bad this year after all the rain we had. But it sure is pretty with all the flowers.
3:25 nice Hibiscus, I have two plants out front and they bloom all summer as long as I give them plenty of water.They don't survive here over the winter unless I bring them indoors.Pinch off the buds the second day after they bloom and the plant will produce more flowers.
5:03 - someone like to take pictures of the undersides of flowers...
10:22- slow today. :|
mAen to all. Lot's of bottom-up flowers lately. Interesting shots, and yes, who is the artist?
slow 22:51.nice pic was this taken by the same person who took yesterdays?
mAen all
a beautiful picture, so refreshing to see
Good maEn to all
12:12 woeful!
great photo - especially that blue sky when it is grey here, just wish it would rain!
7.01 seemed to be slow
lovely picture - agree with hibiscus
have a great day/night one and all
11:37 ... being fresh doesn't seem to help much
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