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Easy Sudoku for 12/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning. Still overcast and chilly.

Abbracadabra ?
That was weird. Got the new puzzle with the old comments including my abbracadabra, which also made it here.

On that half of the world, TGIF.

On this half, WIWF (wish it was.....)
Good Maen everyone!
Oops! Forgot to set timer!
2:01 Maen
Great pic! Where is it?
Haven't commented for quite some time, but have done almost all the puzzles since last post.
Oh! I almost forgot! We did do a cruise from San Diego down as far as Peurto Vallarta! I didn't want it to end! That part of Mexico is among the most beautiful places in the world.
Excepting Albany, eh Anne?
I hope that the mean trolls stay under the bridge today.
just about to turn off on way to bed and realised it is tomorrow, soooo... TGIF!!!

Great maeN to all!!
3:40 and a good maEn to all
3:11 Hi to all. Another beautiful day here - Just how I like it!

Thought for the Day:

Expect nothing, live frugally on surprise.
4:11 Well, kind of slow today. Must be this head cold! Pretty shoreline shot of the boats. Wish I was there. WIWF too!
2.11 - I got on the first page, but way past my bedtime. Night all.
Heading to Texas for my kid's college graduation!!! Wow, I don't feel that old.
hope everyone has a great day... here comes the weekend!
2:52 Bright cool morning in Kansas..too cool to go sailing!
28C today, 29C tomorrow and winter in 3 weeks. All's well in paradise.
André...and Chocolate!!!
Drver stops at traffic lights and is approached by a man who taps on his window. Reluctantly he opens the window just enough to hear the man say, 'Hey, they've kidnapped John Howard, Peter Costello and Kim Beazley. The kidnappers are threatning to set fire to them unless they receive 5 million More...
3:00 Nice pic...where are these boats?
3:34 very slow, having a four way chat on skype while trying to do puzzle
Yes, Aussiemike. Albany is beautiful. glad to see you back on here. I am off to South America next Thursday
Today I celebrate life, love and freedom! Any one who wishes to join the celebration is welcomed. TFTD: A sign of maturity-when people agree to disagree without becoming disagreeable.
Steph you made me smile :) and aussiemike glad to see you back! Anne how exciting for you a trip I would love to make someday!
can anyone lend me a yacht so that I can go and park above?
MANDY thanks for the tip. This is a great site. I'll be sure to pass it on to my other Sudokuonians friends.
should that be Sudokuians?
Good Maen fellow sudokuers!
It is PARTY TIME! Invitation will be posted very soon, be on the look out!
first page?
MAEN! That's a nice parking lot! 1:59
Good Maen all, cloudy but warm here in Florida, but finally (after 4 months) got some rain on Tuesday.
Good Maen everyone. Great picture of a harbor somewhere in the world. Could be most anywhere.
I'm with you. You are on beautiful lady.

Those about to rock we salute you.
2:43 - i need holiday
2:27 Yahoo! And sorry, Mandy, but my yacht's in the shop.
Count me in, Mamacita! You are one cool lady!
Good Maen all - absolutely gorgeous day here. I'm with you too, Mamacita.
Hey Anne, In case I don't get to chat before you leave.. I hope you have a wonderful trip. Bring back some fabulous stories and pictures for us wont you... and stay safe and well.

Susan/ Ingham, I agree with you that the unsung heros are the rescuers... I expect that those rescued would know that
3:18. Beautiful, sunny marina. Not like here.
Grey, chilly and overcast. Going to get worse over the weekend. Time for indoor projects. Gardens will have to wait.
Have a great m.a.e.n.
today was 3:26
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