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Medium Sudoku for 12/June/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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A challenging jigsaw, Ian!
12/Jun/10 12:06 AM
Please don't smoke here.
12/Jun/10 12:20 AM
I'd hate to be there after the sun went down.
12/Jun/10 12:28 AM
Aw-w-w ... are we afraid of the dark, Little Hal??
12/Jun/10 12:53 AM
4:31 Good evening all. Oh, those poor trees!
But a great photo, Ian.
12/Jun/10 1:06 AM
Not really, Judy. Just don't like running to trees.
12/Jun/10 1:21 AM
4:12 to you all from Portland, Oregon.
12/Jun/10 1:44 AM
3:38 Hi to all. Wouldn't like to lose my way there.
12/Jun/10 1:54 AM
Or the politically leaning to the right or just following the sun?
12/Jun/10 2:36 AM
Good Grief, one of my photos has found its way onto the site - for the second time. The other 50 or so are still AWL.
It was a coastal 'forest' where the tilt to the right was wind, rather than politically motivated.
12/Jun/10 6:06 AM
Are you a tree-hugger Hal?
12/Jun/10 6:08 AM
Are these trees still all alive and kicking Ian? A good setting for a horror movie methinks.
12/Jun/10 6:24 AM
Yep Greg, but they were struggling against a briny environment in sandy soil and with lots of competition for nutrients. I think that must be the definition of 'survivors'.
12/Jun/10 6:42 AM
Only if I happen to find myself two meters or more off the ground in one, Ian. Otherwise, no... I'm not a tree-hugger.
12/Jun/10 6:57 AM
Hal, have a slow read of your comment to Judy.
12/Jun/10 7:24 AM
Hey ... leave me out of this!

Ian, Hal does EVERYTHING slow these days!
12/Jun/10 7:45 AM
, that should have read 'into' trees.
12/Jun/10 7:47 AM
12/Jun/10 7:53 AM
Peace Judy.
12/Jun/10 7:58 AM
12/Jun/10 11:09 AM
4:04. Hi all
12/Jun/10 11:29 AM
I'm ALWAYS peaceful!
12/Jun/10 11:59 AM
Uh, about those 's that you're holding up, Judy? Shouldn't the fingers be crossed and held behind your back?
12/Jun/10 12:08 PM
Hello! I'm VERY out of practice at this! @_@
12/Jun/10 12:13 PM
Oh, when I saw the photo last night I thought the trees were all dead. Glad to hear that they are surviving, if only just.
12/Jun/10 12:32 PM
Actually, in your case, Hal ... I could just hold up ONE of the fingers ...
12/Jun/10 12:59 PM
Say "Goodnight" Judy.
12/Jun/10 1:16 PM
Fascinating photo Ian, will have to try it as a jigsaw.
12/Jun/10 1:50 PM
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