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Medium Sudoku for 13/December/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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13/Dec/12 12:07 AM
Swans!... 'Hello, friends!'
13/Dec/12 12:34 AM
oh - cute baby swans!
13/Dec/12 1:26 AM
maen all! black swans in coffee...
13/Dec/12 1:46 AM
There must be hidden treasure in that water for Mr Swann.
13/Dec/12 1:53 AM
Follow me
13/Dec/12 2:34 AM
What a beautiful family!!!

How could anybody think of a cygnet as an ''ugly duckling''?
13/Dec/12 4:23 AM
13/Dec/12 4:39 AM
Photographed on the Darling River at Bourke. The river was in flood, which accounts for the coffee colour of the water. (It was actually some poor farmer's topsoil being shifted from somewhere in Queensland to somewhere in South Australia.)
13/Dec/12 5:31 AM
13/Dec/12 6:00 AM
13/Dec/12 6:50 AM
2:52 Nice pic.
13/Dec/12 8:06 AM
Very true, Ian!! We get Windsor's top soil & vegetables when the Hawkesbury is in flood!!!
13/Dec/12 9:44 AM
Oriental terracing is one solution
13/Dec/12 1:53 PM
2:57. Hi all.
13/Dec/12 6:34 PM
3.21 Hi all
13/Dec/12 7:01 PM
Rayray, the land in outback Australia is flat - from horizon to horizon. I don't think oriental terracing would work.
We're talking big rivers here - the Darling River is 2700km long and flood rains which fall in Queensland take months to work their way down to where the Darling joins the Murray River.
13/Dec/12 7:31 PM
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