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Tough Sudoku for 13/December/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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13/Dec/12 12:07 AM
Hello, Joe!
Hello, lil' hummer!
13/Dec/12 12:26 AM
1. Unique possibilities to 41.
2. Whether d7=4,h7=6,h6=1;OR d7=9,d8=1;h8=3.UP81(Note i13=23).
13/Dec/12 12:53 AM
I'm a huge hummer fan!
13/Dec/12 1:45 AM
Is that feeder big or are hummingbirds very small? I've never seen one, but would love to!
13/Dec/12 6:41 AM
1. Standard techniques UP 41
2. XY-wing (1=4)i9-(4=6)h7-(6=1)h6 =>h8,i6 <>1 UP 81

As I am new to notations in use here, please let me know how to write my solutions correctly.
13/Dec/12 8:23 AM
Pretty little hummingbirds!
Smaller than a wagtail, Sacky!
13/Dec/12 9:22 AM
Love all those hummers!
Sacky - most hummingbirds are only about 3 inches long. Their nest looks like a walnut shell half, but is very difficult to locate since it's so small.
13/Dec/12 3:44 PM
26 (38)e79=>(9)d78=>d4<>9
32 (38)e79=>(4)d79=>d5<>4
33 (7)gi6=>b6<>7
42 i3=4=>[(i1=2=>i8=3)&(d9=4=>d8=1)]=>h8={}=>i3<>4
46 More...
13/Dec/12 5:54 PM
Hi cenoman,you seem to be an expert in Eureka notation, which is used by most people here. I try to make mine understandable to English speakers. Like you, we all stick with algebraic notation to specify the cells.

Best Regards, Alfred.
13/Dec/12 6:15 PM
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