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Medium Sudoku for 16/February/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Looks like a pretty rocky area, Wilodene!
16/Feb/12 12:04 AM
Boy did I get stuck on this one for awhile.
16/Feb/12 12:33 AM
maen all! we've launched the car-topper many times where this creek dumps into flaming gorge...never fished the creek but the rainbows are hot year round in the lake there.
16/Feb/12 1:29 AM
Very nice Wilodene.
16/Feb/12 2:44 AM
I'm so glad someone else got stuck on this one.....Thought it was only me who was having trouble.
16/Feb/12 4:47 AM
5:37. Hi all.
16/Feb/12 6:39 AM
3.58 Morning!
16/Feb/12 8:08 AM
2.25 morning all. it is going to very warm here today and that looks like the place to be.
16/Feb/12 9:59 AM
Lovely, wild area.
16/Feb/12 11:36 AM
Good to know I was not the only one who had to WORK for this one!
16/Feb/12 12:02 PM
Agreed, this was quite complicated for a medium.
16/Feb/12 1:03 PM
Apparently most of us aren't quite as fast as kath and Jack!?
It is quite a picture, though.
16/Feb/12 4:41 PM
This one took me ages...seemed to be getting nowhere but a lovely pic in the end
17/Feb/12 12:03 AM
17/Feb/12 6:48 AM
Yo all slow but acceptable
02/Jul/17 9:23 AM
Yes it was taxing but my picture was a thumbs up, no wilderness & no rocks . What gives?
16/Dec/18 7:03 AM
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