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Medium Sudoku for 22/November/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Nice sunset!
Love sunsets!
Who's is it?
22/Nov/08 12:17 AM
which lake, where?
22/Nov/08 12:26 AM
There are no more sunsets there? How sad!
22/Nov/08 12:54 AM
3:55 Maen! That is sad... no more sunsets? Or was it New Year's Eve, 2007? Or the last day of a vacation in 2007? Inquiring minds want to know!
22/Nov/08 1:35 AM
22/Nov/08 1:54 AM
maen all! quite the trawling port! must have some good seafood and plenty of bars. my kind of place.
22/Nov/08 4:03 AM
Lakes Entrance is in Victoria, Australia. The photo is great, the spelling could do with a bit more work.
22/Nov/08 5:38 AM
Good afternoon to all! Super photo. A great jigsaw to try.
22/Nov/08 7:13 AM
Is it a spelling error? There is a Lake Enterence in the US...
22/Nov/08 8:11 AM
Oh how pretty! Thank you!
22/Nov/08 8:55 AM
6:10, all.
22/Nov/08 9:07 AM
Makes you want to be there. Time was 19:53 ... Yeah OK OK I lost concentration and went and stripped the bed , put on a load of washing, dressed a wound... You know the sort of thing.
22/Nov/08 12:32 PM
D*mn it Suzy, you might just be right.
22/Nov/08 1:10 PM
But I can't find it in google.
22/Nov/08 1:12 PM
Nice photo
22/Nov/08 1:28 PM
IG STIR COMING... THey let me off the leash for half a day and LOOK OUT!!

I think Ian that perhaps you enter to get the ess ence of Lakes Entrance....

and Suzy - You are gammon.

The Yanks can't spell words like honour, colour, neighbour and they certainly confuse their More...
22/Nov/08 1:55 PM
OK Ian, you are right, I can not spell. You have seen this before as you commented on it on my photos page back in April.
DanM, it was taken on new years eve 2007.
22/Nov/08 2:21 PM
Gosh vdV, your memory is better than mine, but I guess that doesn't surprise anybody.
fii, are you testing my powers of observation - 'Entrace'?
22/Nov/08 4:09 PM
fii, now I'm truly puzzled, when you refer to Suzy as being 'gammon', do you mean she is a 'smoked or cured side of ham' or am I missing something?
22/Nov/08 4:14 PM
Back to the cricket.
22/Nov/08 4:18 PM
I haven't seen so much misspelling since I quit teaching! Ca'mon everybody ... entrance ... gamine ... big ... honor ... color ... neighbor ... oh, yeah ... and damn ...
22/Nov/08 4:47 PM
Have to say Ian that my mispelling was accidental. Maybe the Yankees can spee entrance and I can't

Gammon can mean in Aussie vernacular - deceiving (usually in a joking way)- pulling one's leg ... or telling a tall story.
Often used in Aboriginal English.

I just More...
22/Nov/08 4:47 PM
Hi Judy - You snuck in while I was researching gammon... I think you need an Aussie vernacular -- and spelling lesson

Blowie-blow fly
Chook : chicken
Dunny Budgie : blowfly
Mozzie : mosquito
Bail out : depart often angrily
Blue : fight/argue
Bog in : tuck in, More...
22/Nov/08 4:51 PM
I'll give you that one, Fii!
22/Nov/08 4:52 PM
Just looked. I can't even spell "Spell"
22/Nov/08 4:52 PM
Uh ... and they complain about American English!

Thanks for the lesson, Teach! I think you should post that list tomorrow, too, for everyone to see. There are a lot there I have never seen.
22/Nov/08 4:55 PM
Hey Judy,

Looking at the list above (which I copied directly from a blog that I googled) you can see why we Aussies have a little chuckle and quetly suggest " Very generous of you" when you Yankees talk about rooting for your team...

22/Nov/08 4:59 PM
I can't spell quietly either
22/Nov/08 5:02 PM
Our friend Peter from Tasmania explained that particular word to us a couple of years back, with delicacy and discretion, I might add! So now, many of us Yanks giggle along with you when the Newbies root for their teams!
22/Nov/08 5:13 PM
fii, what about 'garbo' or 'garbologist'?
22/Nov/08 5:25 PM
fii, there is a variation on the 'Froggy' poem
'A Frog he would a-wooing go,' etc
Friends of ours lived in a house they called 'Frog Hollow'. When they moved to a new home they called it 'Wooingo' and it took us ages to work out that the two were connected by the poem.
22/Nov/08 5:31 PM
LOL after reading all the comments who would have thought one little spelling mistake could generate a teaching lesson, a fun read oh and a great photo vdV.
22/Nov/08 9:50 PM
Yep Ian, That list was certainly NOT exculsive ...or all inclusive.
The garbo, cop, poli, cocky, truckie, are only a few of our woderous workers in Oz. I wonder if someone wants to take the challence and build the list starting in an hour.
22/Nov/08 11:03 PM
fii, much as I enjoy a challenge, I think I might pass this one on to someone else. In an hour I turn into a pumpkin - if not sooner.
22/Nov/08 11:11 PM
fii, perhaps this might help-

22/Nov/08 11:16 PM
Ian, I was only gammon. I'm not up to it either...Someone else can research our wide range of slang. I must say that I'd heard of (and possibly used from time to time) much of the slang listed there... However, I have further explored "gammon"....
22/Nov/08 11:21 PM
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