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Medium Sudoku for 23/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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6:01 - been out of practice... Hi everyone, hope you're all well, have a good day, off to bed after the 'hard one'.
There's nothing more relaxing than watching the tube with some sunflower seeds. Boy am I pathetic!
4:35, and Im not used to being this early!!
I tried it with possible moves today, wasn't helpful. 11.21. Anyone tried the Sudoku on gamehouse.com?
he I am the first!!!!!good weekend to all
That was my 11.21, forgot who I was.
Am I first?
G'day All...found this puzzle very challenging this morning, well it is very early, too many interruptions to time it today..
thought for the day...You Know It's Time to Join E-mailers Anonymous When.... You wake up at 3 am to go to the bathroom and stop to check your E-mail on the way back to bed.
5:48 with little liam helping me out. feels good to be back at it!
Welcome back, Lisa. Good to see you teaching Liam numeracy skills at such a young age.
5:46 exceptional for me

Thought for the day:

Is it possible to be totally partial?
8.38 - 1 minute less than usual, getting quicker:-)
Don't dare set timer but now complete puzzles without 'possibilities' sunny autumn afternoon (sarurday)here 4.30pm ....better get out & do some gardening. wishing you all a happy day/evening
12.02, not a good time for me!
Just ventured across to 'hard'...it was but possible!!! now into the garden Bye
Welcome Lisa big hugs to the little man 'Liam'
hope all goes well and all swellings going down!
Did you see the idea for a PO Box we all want to send you a greeting so what do you reckon do you think you could set one up when you have a minute, make that 18yrs or so, if you could we will all send you a postcard to congrat. You and Hubby and of course 'Sudoku Baby' Liam xx
Whats brown long and sticky?

A stick!!!

Could these jokes get any worse?
Trying to get caught up on the past 5 days of comments - too much! now we have a wedding??????
Hey Lisa.. good to see you back.. thank god the full moon worked & you have a little Libra - a most desired sign - charming, good looking, gentle and kind AND loves sudoku.
Welcome back Lisa. Good to see you're teaching Liam about the important things in life. Better than raking leaves, which I need to start doing soon.
7:03 on to the hard puzzle, where my time will probably be less.
Sunflowers wouldn't know which way to point here today...
6:20; finally under 7 min. yeah!
Yeah, I tried the one on gamehouse.com. Didn't like the chalkboard thing, also froze my computer. This one's way better!!! :-D
This one was hard I gave up after 20 minutes. I always allow incorrect moves and never put down possibles, that is what makes the challenge. I hope my internet connection stays on during the hurricane I will update on whatever 'easy' sudoku page is active during the storm.
8.24 pretty good for me.

How is a computer like an air conditioner?

When you open Windows it won't work!
couldnt get going today.
Hi all - went to a Golden Retreiver picnic today = 200 Goldies all off leash and playing in the water. Wet smelly good time.
Can I come to the wedding? Andre - try googling 'failure' this may be an american joke.
No offense intended.
Good one. Found a second solution. Didn't think that was possible? Can there be more than one? Cheers.
Kathy from Texas: thanks for the tip to Andre. lol
I have a rottie. He is either goldie dressed up for Halloween, or the most gentle BIG rottie in the world. I submitted his picture. Sorry all, another dog picture looms in the horizon.
Tony, Sydney - I don't think there should be more than one. Can you post the two solutions somehow, I'd like to know ?
turned off timer because wanted to try the puzzle without possibilities like I do on the easy one...took around 15 minutes or so but I was able to do it :)
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