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Easy Sudoku for 23/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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3:01!!!! And you can jump the gun if you know how and be first!
doesn't take much to figure out Jim!
Morning all. Andre, did you get strawberries and cream for desert? Lucky you to get taken out for lunch by hubby - is it your birthday??
I think I'm Back - thank you Gath. Nice one hedwig.
With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person which almost went unnoticed last week. Larry La Prise, the man who wrote 'The Hokey Cokey,' died peacefully at More...
Joke of the day:
For sale: Parachute. Only used once, never opened, small stain.

Joining in with the Spanish theme 'Es la broma'
translation for non-spanish 'Only Joking'
3.16. Good Afternoon/morning/evening/night everyone. Just watched Lost (taped, Daughter had a brat attack) what is behind the hatch?
2.06 Too easy even for me.
Hi all.
Hi Lisa and how is Liam behaving ? well I hope.
B from P, and K from B you are in the choir of course your invited!!!

B from P: excellent joke lol :)))

Mon I got my 'just' deserts sudoku is now resting!!!! before he starts the ironing h'mm something tells me there is a lie here, can we guess which.....
'Who' is this?
I don't know why, but I seem to be able to do these faster with pen than with mouse.
A wife came home from work and asked her husband what he did that day. He said a bunch of flies got in the house and I killed 3 males and 2 females. 'how did you know if they were male or female?' she asked. 'because I got 3 on a beer can and 2 on the phone!'
Choir isn't good enough I'm afraid, higher up in the pecking order pls - maid of honour? Also, does that mean sudoku has to take you out for dinner as well???
3:06 nice owl
Susan from St.Louis, I'll add What's New Pussycat to your Bananabana fo fana (still love the Name Game!) and I'll up you with Let's do the Twist...(do you remember all the 45rpm's only sold in 'white sleeves'?) And yes, I remember the purple people eater, and a lot of other songs mentioned above. More...
Ted for you

Go to http://www.tedshop.co.uk/shirts.asp What do you think too big?????
Todays joke: Why don't skeletons play music in church? They have no organs.

Oh André, I think I need a new joke book. These are getting really pitiful!
Billy ok maid of honour, but will you sing!!

for the purple people eater fans in Spanish:
El pozo I vio el comin de la cosa ' fuera del cielo que tenía el un cuerno largo, un ojo grande. Comencé al shakin ' y dije que 'ooh-eee' que parece un comedor púrpura de la gente a mí.
All corrections to google please !!
Mon :))) god its going to cost me a fortune first for not working, now in need of a new joke book and gotta pay for someone to do the ironing, cleaning, cooking and general maintenance of the house and someone to run the gruffs and hormones around and someone to operate the dishwasher and ....
first time doing puzzle with little liam on lap! have to show him the ropes early! submitted pic to appear in easy one of these days. keep your eyes open for a very cute baby...
nice hooter
I will only sing if ted sings, by the way who's getting married? You and Trevene? Also, does your personal sudoku allow for 'incorrect moves' and does he flash red if so..?
2:04 forgot to mention.
Pam lol:)
Nicky from Northants I like that 'brat attack' :)
moving on the medium...
No word from Trevene she must be building I'm thinking, giving Trevene some time,big villa, maybe week on Saturday ???
Hey Lisa and little Liam, how are you both going?? Is he a good baby - sleeping a lot, feeding well? give us the news!
billy lol:))) thats why I'm feeding him up big Sacrifice for Sudoku Lords!!!!!
Trevene's female??!Oooops, sorry Trevene. So who's getting married?
B from p read yesterday well 22nd October easy section your'll get the picture,
I'm doing this for Sudoku community and as such am expecting major presents!!!
Out of 19 comments only 4 have times, I think the priorities are changing. Hello everyone- great to hear from you Lisa and bub, sounds like he's behaving. Andre you may have to give Ted a job as he is paying my way over. At least that's what I think he suggested yesterday(?). Maybe MC, a role I'm sure he'd relish.
now 6 out of 27
k from brissie Ted m'mm one thing for sure he's not picking the costumes!!!! lets think of something he can do???? catering well deserts he seems to be good at those although his wife hasn't made any comments...
Teddy forgive us ;)
Actually André, your finacé has been very quiet about the impending nuptials. Where is Amber hiding? Billy, have you taken my place in the wedding party, or am I the matron of honour?
Blonde cancelled her hen night due to bird flu. You can blame my husband for that one. Andre the music for the reception, I hope it's nothing to do with purple people eaters or lambs eat oats.
easy under 4 minutes
Mon I'm thinking lots of maid of honours never married a woman before need
1) Courage
2)Probably several bottles of wine
3)Big brick to knock some sense into me!
4)Big bl**dy villa to compensate!!
Nicky good one :)
Any suggestions for hymn's and party games after to andre@....like i'm going to leave my email ;

now off to the altar major sacrifices and little sudoku he is waking and must keep him well fed!
Well, I can assure you that I won't be putting my hand up to be one of the singers. But you could get my kids to team up with SweetRascal's kids, and they could play a fanfare! Wait-scrap that idea, that would mean we would have to take them along, too. How did the comp go, SweetRascal - are they now State Champs?
Hi everyone
The New Jersey governor's race is getting nasty.
I agree with a recent bumper sticker: 'Vote Voldemort, why settle for a lesser evil'
Hi everyone!
For those who (I'm one of them) love Halloween, the following site might give good ideas :
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