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Easy Sudoku for 24/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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3.51 1st here today but I cheated. It's the only way to go.
its first name would have be brisk tho!
2:50 and one of the first to do it...!
3;54 that was a tad slow. Nite everyone/g'day to those surfacing .
My time 4:22.10AM Here in south Florida. Still the calm before the storm. The sound of hammers banging home nails thru plywood echos thru the streets. First winds from Wilma should reach here in about three hours. It will start with a gust, and following the gust there will be a higher standing wind. That pattern will continue till the wind is around 100 MPH in 18 hours.
Happy birthday Kel from brissie. Hope you have a good one.
k from brissie: Didn't you chide me yesterday for cheating to get in the first comment? LOL
2:49 morning everyone, enjoy your sudokus today
I just filled out my time sheet for the week - 29 hours overtime. It's all because of Wilma.
2:34 Happy Birthday Kel!!Hi sudukoists.
Good afternoon!
Am in a hurry today: after my daily Sudoku I'll go to an art exhibition, meet some people and then in the evening must sit down and do some research for my future writtings.
I wish you all a good day - and a good game.
PS: Jim from Jupiter, take care of yourself & your familiy!
First timer...vair slooooowww 7.49 love the comments and the site. 1240am off to sleep - hang in there Jim from Jupiter. cheers
3:11 A personal best!
Jim ,I never chide. Off to bed now as the time here is 0043hrs. Hope for good news re Wilma when I wake. Take extra care.
2:41 - first timer too!
Take care all of you in path of Wilma, will be watching news and thinking of you.
4.12 not bad
2:07. Blazing time from Kansas.
Hi all, many thanks to Lisa of Toronto for keeping us informed about little Liam. Hope you are not depriving him of his Sudoku.
nice, good sudoku's, me be more difficult
Sunday, 11:01 AM in Miami. It is now cloudy and starting to get just a bit windy, not too bad. Hubby is at the racquetball club playing (Typical!) House all boarded up, and ready. Hope Wilma treats everyone in S. Florida (East and West) a lot better than it treated the Yucatan peninsula.
4.42,a bit slow, but who cares.
3:15 will limit my comments in case QRP is watching.. fortunately no songs of praises in canada
1:58 Holy crap...I think one of my fastest ever
Good luck to all you Floridians!
Joke For the Day
'Telepath wanted, you know where to apply.'

Happy Birthday Kel and Kathy
k from Brissie loved the fly joke :)
Nal take care x
had to stop the animation - that spider freaks me out!
2.31. Ditto Happpy Birthday Kel & Kathy. Susan from Ingham - thanks for answer to VB from yesterday. Jim, nal, anyone else in the way of Wilma - good luck! andre, I knew what the joke would be b4 you posted it:)))
6 min
andré - thanks. If we are not old enough (or too straight-laced) to have fried our brains in the 60's, we are sure doing it now! Us Floridians are on a permanent adrenaline high from June 1st to November 30th. (Hurricane season)
2:14 one of my fastest times... incredible since I'm both feeding Liam and avoiding the in-laws downstairs...
I just keep my broom ready to fly off if a really strong wind blows my way.

(Oh Rocko! I don't think we are in Miami anymore)

PS: Rocko (yes misspelled) being my dog.
Lisa from Toronto: I offer you and Liam my home to get away from the in-laws,

However, I would wait a couple of days before making travel plans if I were you.
thanks for offer. lets hope you still have 4 walls...
Lil from TO... Of course I am watching. I am always watching.
Good luck to everyone in Wilma's path.
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