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Tough Sudoku for 24/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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8:05 (was able to solve the puzzle for 3 numbers while setting it up.. maybe 2:45 total for setup.. the rest to solve) this was a very easy puzzle.. not worth of the tough title.. more like a med to hard.. unless im just getting better at these..
You're right, Chaos; too easy for tough - still, I clocked 12 minutes, so I think your last argument is valid :-)
In the immortal words of gb '19->81'.

Back From Ooopsane - If you were the true Bucko you would have done it in 12secs, not minutes, and you would have used a true mangaar ;-)
New to this site - I agree - maybe not too tough
Damn - forgot timer, but it didn't seem to take too long, easier than the hard. Nite all.
8:36, using all the helps (possibilities, indicate errors, etc.). Still, the best I've done, so I'd have to agree with Chaos--not worth the tough title.
yes, this one was easier
Got the '2's by going clockwise, normally I go round anti clockwise perhaps this is why Bucko is fast. Got stuck, went and took dog out, came back, and saw the obvious clue, the rest came out in no time. Must be getting old.
10:23. I think Chaos is right, this one was mislabeled. It's a pleasant surprise, though: frees up 10 or 15 minutes for other things!
16:32..good night everyone..
5:43 using all the features :)
Sorry, Jimmy...forgot my initial ;)
6:21 using everything including a ouija board.

Jimmy From Edinburgh - I believe is the real Bucko - Did it in 12 minutes BEFORE the puzzle posted.
9.28, Ha not soo tough.
11.21 I don't think my mouse is fast enough - can't see how you can do these so quickly!
I`m hopeless and this was EASY!!!!
9:14 first time under 10 great.....
nal - This is the only alias I use so I am not Bucko, not even a false one.
O. Back - Still not a true ragaman :-(
pretty straight for a tough.

OMG! This is SOOO much easier with a mouse than a touchpad!
Grooannnn - I must be on stupid pills today ....

Love the picture though!
I am proud of you, Tough Sudokuers. Your punctutation so far this evening is spot on.
Assuming Danny is from Birmingham, Alabama, even the spelling is good. (Spelling rules are different in the US.)
10:15 not so tough... but thats alright, i'm a little preoccupied
11:45 easy even for us mentally-challenged types.

Are most people including set-up in their times?
a very respectable 16:01
1:06:36 .. at least I got the solution ..
Yet another great photo. Well, I have made it through all 4 puzzles, now I suppose I should get some house work down. Have a great evening everyone.
12:39 How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?
O yes, Hamish, I was wrong there, but that's because Jimmy got me unbalanced with his ganamar; so sorry :)
The same, I guess?
YAY!!!!!!!!! i did it in 9:18 !! :-D that was way quicker than the last puzzle i did haha i figured how to make it easier! haha :-P
3:47 these puzzles are just getting too easy
9:16 A fine, legitimate, score.
6.39 agree easier than hard,easy was a little more complicated today
14:32 easy tough. all logic w/o set-up and help.
Lovely picture! Though I am relatively new to this, I found this one challenging but not too difficult...should be in a lesser category, I think
very easy today- shouldn't be a toughh as every one points out.
what are people referring to with 'set up'time???
Slim - I think they mean the time they spend putting all the possibles in all the boxes. Maybe they only count once they start to eliminate them.

Gosh, the chat on Tough today isn't as much fun as usual. Why are you all so serious? (Apart from the wonderful Bucko and his many alter egos that is.)
Thanx Kate - it sounds like everyone does it different and takes great pride in whatever method they use to see how they're going. I really enjoy the banter, but find the boasting a bit hard to understand, perhaps I am missing something here and it's all tounge in cheek? I hope so - I think we More...
showing me the way!
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