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Easy Sudoku for 25/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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just like to have the first comment some times..
3:23, nice picture. Ok here's a joke for you:
Speed Limit
An old man was driving down the Interstate at 22 miles per hour, never going faster or slower.
A police officer noticed and followed him for a while, then pulled him over.
Before the officer could even get to the car, the man More...
3:37.. slower than usual, hi everyone

over for going too slow.'

'But the sign says 22.'

The officer explained that he was on Interstate 22.

As the man shook his head, the officer noticed that there were three older ladies in the back of the car.

All of them were sitting with their mouths hanging open More...
4:06... although it felt faster, sigh

'Well, we just came off Interstate 134.'

4:33 but who cares. Loved your chicken comment SweetRascal. Perhaps he was the man who walked into a restaurant and refused the house special - Chicken Tongue. 'No way am I eating anything that came out of a chicken's mouth, mate. I'll have an omelette.' Jim has possibly lost power. Won't he have a lot of comments to catch up with!!!
3:08 oh so close yet again! Good Morning fellow sudokuers
2:20 As a carryover from yesterday's comments and with personal interest. Anyone have any interesting stories or advice on how to not start smoking again?
way past my bed time, night all
Pam from Canada, I have great suggestion for you on stopping smoking, mail me all your cigs. Lol, I tried to quit and the demon beat me. Good luck to you.
3.20 SweetRascal:)))) thanks! Susan, hope you're right - he was posting a lot on yesterday's easy list. It's 3.30 pm still on 24 Oct here, so good morning to all of you for whom it is - if you see what I mean!

Joke for the Day:
'The invisible man married an invisible woman. Their kids were nothing to look at.'
I ne'er was struck before that hour
With love so sudden and so sweet.
Her face it bloomed like a sweet flower
And stole my heart away complete.

keep building.....
Merry Monday morning to all! 6:47, i am actually getting faster! Anyone got a good book they are reading/read to recommend.
Beautiful pic! I'd like to be in that place..! 3.11, good October 24th!
R for Poco BC, have you read any of the Janet Evanovich series about Stephine Plum. They are just tooo funny. She is up to the 11th one. Some of the titles are One for the Dough, Ten Big Ones, Four to Score, Hard Eight. The primary character is a female bounty hunter and they all have a mystery, a little romance, and are very funny.
lol Sweet Rascal I'd do that for you but our smokes dont taste the same and you wouldnt like them at all! and besides I probably pay 6 dollars more a pack so maybe that might be more than I can afford....... with shipping and handling of course!
4:00 :-( where are you denise....
When you visit a hospital with people suffering in countless ways with disease brought on by smoking, and you watch them at ages in their 60's wishing they had stopped when their was still time. You are flesh and blood and will be consumed by your addiction. It's not pretty to die this way. Quit while you can!
sweet rascal and susan lol :)))
HH are you having the same coffee break as me?
keeps saying 'service unavailable' damm right I had to get up and make it myself...der der small footstamp and light twirl.
Pete Port Douglas (yesterdays comments) 'baiting'
3:22 Now that's the type of valley to go lose yourself in for a few days.
lots of quiet hushed tones in the background
hi guys
3.05, Good afternoon all. Andree, are you going to let Trevene out of that building site anytime soon? The poor girl has a wedding to plan for.
3.12 Hello everyone. Pam (Canada) I gave up just over 4 years ago. I used a prescription tablet, zyban, and I have to say I was very, VERY happy for a couple of weeks and had no cravings. It's now 1am here so I'll say goodnight and hope Jim,Nal,Jenn,Ceecee and other Floridians are OK.
4.19 not too bad i guess
3:12 like a duck to water wish that was what i saw when i looked out my window.Hi Andre. Its only Monday here
great picture have a great all
2:01, so close to get under the 2 min mark. Getting a late start this morning, raining and supposed to keep doing it all day. A great day to sleep in. Andre, Trevene, when are you getting married? I would like to be your wedding planner. I have never planned one over the internet. But who knows, it could work.
Nicky i am not planning the wedding i am building the villa for the wedding come one people get your facts right. besides ar'nt you supossed to sing
Trevene did you go to Sunday School yesterday we missed you...
Nicky N: nope :) ,only kidding Trevene hope you've read up on the weekends comments plans are getting bigger, wedding list bigger, good thing is we don't need lots of wardrobe space for the villa... just corners as Ted has been busy.
1:22 while feeding liam. hardly seems possible but maybe he's making me smarter. any news of jim?
R From Boca BC - just read Forever by Peter Hamill - found it an interesting read about New York City
andre - had to run errands this pm, off to do more now - have just finished (late) coffee break. Hi Trevene! - where you been? Please say not wedding nerves - Teddy's saving for all our flights, Brian (Wales) is getting some red stilettos to wear, we now have Donna to plan the wedding and sorry More...
Trevene, Me sing? Not B$%^&y likley!
My mother was only 58 when she died from lung cancer. It was a horrid death and I did not want my son to watch me go like that. Quiting was easy. Good luck with your effort.

Have a Great Day, Linda
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