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Medium Sudoku for 25/November/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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4:50 - seen this photo before, last time I think it had a caption.
25/Nov/07 12:09 AM
Good Maen every one. Where in the world is this place? France? That would be my pick.
25/Nov/07 12:23 AM
5:29 beautiful old building. I think we've seen this on jigsaws. One of Ian's??
25/Nov/07 12:33 AM
Very beautiful building ,Have anyone more information about it???
Have a nice Weekend to all of you.
25/Nov/07 12:37 AM
Hmmmmmm. I wonder where this is?
25/Nov/07 12:41 AM
5:46 Hi to all. Interesting building.
25/Nov/07 1:03 AM
Ian would have been my guess - they sure don't make buildings like that any more!
25/Nov/07 1:10 AM
I wish my late husband liked boats and that I didn't hate airplanes. We would have explored the whole world instead of just the U.S.
25/Nov/07 1:19 AM
Yes...we've definitely seen this one before...and the photographer made some comments on the thread I believe...that or someone who recognized the edifice did...Happy morning all!!!
25/Nov/07 1:35 AM
Good day, all! Interesting details.
25/Nov/07 3:51 AM
I remember doing this as a jigsaw.
25/Nov/07 4:03 AM
Good afternoon to all! Quite the edifice!
25/Nov/07 4:25 AM
No jamie, it's not one of my photos - but thank you for the thought.
I have no idea where it was taken.
25/Nov/07 5:15 AM
25/Nov/07 6:17 AM
Who took it? Where is it? Inquiring minds want to know....
25/Nov/07 9:05 AM
4.28 ornate building
25/Nov/07 9:27 AM
When did the photos stop having captions?
25/Nov/07 9:33 AM
Martha, the question is when did they start having captions! Old photos do not have captions if they were submitted before captions, or before the submitter figured out how to do captions.
25/Nov/07 6:41 PM
Maen! 4:29
25/Nov/07 6:53 PM
this building is in Colmar (France).Good maen for all.
25/Nov/07 8:30 PM
26/Nov/07 2:43 AM
27/Nov/07 1:58 AM
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