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Medium Sudoku for 27/November/2007


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Submitted by: Gath

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3:25, a nice easy one tonight - that's got to be just about my best time on medium.

Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning!
27/Nov/07 12:09 AM
4:28 it looks more like a bush fire.
27/Nov/07 12:37 AM
In our neck of the woods, it's:
Red sky in morning, sailors take warning;
Red sky at night, sailor's delight.
27/Nov/07 12:38 AM
It may be difficult to believe, but I have finally gotten around to publishing a new blog page. Find the link to this in the upper right column. The name of the page is The Easter Monster - an Opening Volley.
27/Nov/07 1:41 AM
Not quite red enough on my screen to warrant the warning, if it was a local sunset.
27/Nov/07 1:42 AM
Amazing photo ... it looks like the spectacularly bright orange sunrise we enjoyed here this morning. Did you see it Eve? It was so colorful I ventured out into the freezing (28 degrees) air to get a better view. A nice way to start the day.

Hitting the road for a beautiful, back road More...
27/Nov/07 2:39 AM
27/Nov/07 3:34 AM
3:43 - everything's simple today ?
27/Nov/07 3:48 AM
4:36. Good Maen to ALL.
27/Nov/07 4:00 AM
Lovely picture of sunrise.Wonderful shot.
Have a very nice time to all of You.
27/Nov/07 4:14 AM
Wow--what a photo. Have a great day/night, all.
27/Nov/07 5:11 AM
This was a photo taken from the caravan park at Gundagai NSW (where the dog sits on the tuckerbox) during our overnight stay on our way to Melbourne. We've since sold the caravan.
27/Nov/07 5:26 AM
3.53 woo hoo! Good Maen all.
27/Nov/07 5:28 AM
What an awesome way to start that day, Ian!
Thanks for sharing.
27/Nov/07 5:50 AM
Good afternoon to all! Great photo Ian! Chris, I always thought it was "Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning!"
27/Nov/07 6:33 AM
4:30 Hi to all. Lovely photograph Ian.
27/Nov/07 6:56 AM
27/Nov/07 8:43 AM
3.49 scary view when the fires are on the run
27/Nov/07 9:08 AM
Hope you all have a great day!
27/Nov/07 9:12 AM
Chris - I've always maintained that it is "red sky in the morning, sailors take warning; red sky at night, sailors take fright" but then I never was too optimistci
27/Nov/07 9:18 AM
And not very optimistIC either
27/Nov/07 9:19 AM
What a clever bunch of people you are with some of the times posted. New at this sudoku so hope I can eventually match some of you.
27/Nov/07 10:14 AM
3.06 Beautiful sunrise
27/Nov/07 11:05 AM
The title on this photo was appropriate.

BTW: some of the most beautiful sunsets are when there are fires in the area. The reflectiive nature of the fire.
27/Nov/07 12:39 PM
27/Nov/07 1:30 PM
Maureen M from Melbourne; feel free to jump right in whenever you want. And, enjoy the site as much as we all do.
27/Nov/07 4:05 PM
G'day Cindi
Thanks for guess Ive still got to get used to the lingo everyone uses & also how to add some interesting pictures. Still working on easy most days but having a go at medium & getting there also.
27/Nov/07 4:44 PM
3.42 Magnificent sunset
Good onya Maureen, great to see you out and about on the pages.
27/Nov/07 6:45 PM
28/Nov/07 5:45 AM
29/Nov/07 6:22 AM
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