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Medium Sudoku for 28/November/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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First here, too? Hi, all!
28/Nov/07 12:05 AM
"Sunrise, sunset" (?)
28/Nov/07 12:09 AM
3:52 Is this sunset one of Ian's?
It is beautiful.
28/Nov/07 12:14 AM
28/Nov/07 12:35 AM
mAen! 2:37
28/Nov/07 1:03 AM
This picture is very close to the sunrise of Yesterday One.
Beautiful picture and good shot.
Good mAen to everyone.
28/Nov/07 2:03 AM
4:00 on a crisp, sunny day here. Enjoy yours, everyone.
28/Nov/07 2:13 AM
Nice picture.
28/Nov/07 2:44 AM
Beautiful photo 5:56
28/Nov/07 3:47 AM
Nice sunrise - one of mine?

Mornin' Suzy.
28/Nov/07 5:15 AM
Yep, I called it 'Mornin' All'.
Dunno what happened to the caption though.
It was taken one frosty morning at a nearby lagoon.

Is talking to yourself called "Doing a CP"? Or is it one of the first signs of senility?
28/Nov/07 5:22 AM
It seems like I have seen this before?
28/Nov/07 5:37 AM
28/Nov/07 5:51 AM

Gorgeous, Ian!
28/Nov/07 6:07 AM
3:58. A repeat, but a nice one Ian.
28/Nov/07 6:48 AM
28/Nov/07 8:23 AM
3:49 Hi to all. First signs of senility Ian, someone has to tell you gently
28/Nov/07 8:46 AM
5:13. Good Maen to All.
28/Nov/07 8:59 AM
Great picture, thanks Ian.
28/Nov/07 9:13 AM
3.52 nice morning photo, I try not to be up and about at sunrise
28/Nov/07 9:21 AM
André - tell me what?
28/Nov/07 9:22 AM
28/Nov/07 9:56 AM
This is a beautiful sunrise, Ian.
28/Nov/07 10:48 PM
Thanks to all of you who said nice things about my photo - and to André who told me gently that I'm senile.
28/Nov/07 11:04 PM
Lovely photo, Ian.
We had a spectacular sunset this evening, made especially so by the storm clouds that threatened, but never "dropped their bundle" and skirted around us - once again. Still, the sunset was brilliant.
28/Nov/07 11:57 PM
29/Nov/07 6:46 AM
30/Nov/07 12:44 AM
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