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Medium Sudoku for 29/March/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hmmmmmmm. Interesting.

Good Maen to everyone around the world!
29/Mar/08 12:14 AM
4:15 to you all.
29/Mar/08 12:18 AM
Can you get there from here?
29/Mar/08 12:54 AM
In other words... Ya gotta know where yer goin'!
29/Mar/08 12:57 AM
29/Mar/08 1:20 AM
2:39 Maen. Not the sort of street sign you can just fly by and expect to understand... :)
29/Mar/08 1:21 AM
Chuckle. It would take some practice before I would be able to fluently read signs like this.
29/Mar/08 1:26 AM
i'm right there with you Shiela, that certainly is not a driver friendly sign that you could read while driving. Wonder if it causes a lot of fender benders for drivers who slow down to try and interpret?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day/night in their little corner of the world!

Aimee :-)
29/Mar/08 1:27 AM
I can see me circling the block five times trying to decipher that sign ...
29/Mar/08 1:44 AM
Interesting! to say the least!
29/Mar/08 1:54 AM
8:11. Good mAen to all.

29/Mar/08 2:08 AM
maen all! definitely will make you use the stop sign i hope is at that x-ing. the autobahn signs use really great automation, though!
29/Mar/08 2:27 AM
Hey, look. My avatar with some strange letters on it.
29/Mar/08 3:24 AM
3:38 That one was quite easy. The sign on the other hand.....
29/Mar/08 4:05 AM
Hal - At least I know it means STOP. I noticed that this sign (I presume in Germany) has Stop in English, rather than German (which is what they were when I was there). OK so the Train station is 3rd stop sign and you can only turn left. I'm not sure what you get if you turn left at the second More...
29/Mar/08 4:10 AM
Good afternoon to all! Goodness me, a road that doesn't indicate where a MacDonald's is located. How unusual!
29/Mar/08 4:31 AM
'ere! 'ow do we get 'ome?
29/Mar/08 4:37 AM
It is snowing out and sticking.
29/Mar/08 4:37 AM
Put a sign like that on a major street in the USA and there would be accidents left and right. People here can't seem to read big-lettered signs that read "EXIT - JUPITER" let alone that anything complicated.
29/Mar/08 5:03 AM
I remember doing this as a jigsaw years ago. It's a sign of the times.
29/Mar/08 5:15 AM
5:07 Hi to all. You are up early Ian.
29/Mar/08 5:17 AM
Don't know if it's still same way, but when we last lived there (15 years ago), once they pointed you in the right direction, there wasn't another sign until a) you needed to turn, or b) you were there. Many a time hubby and I got off the autobahn at the exit, heading down an unlit highway into More...
29/Mar/08 6:23 AM
Eve, while giving my parents a motor tour from Heidelberg out of town following the Nekar River, we decided to cut across and drive through the mountains. Took a bridge, but when we wanted to cross back ... not a bridge in sight. I saw a fairly significant road and took it to the river, where we More...
29/Mar/08 6:25 AM
29/Mar/08 6:52 AM
All those stop signs should give you time to work out where to go I hope.
29/Mar/08 7:02 AM
4.36 you can park at the mole?
29/Mar/08 9:19 AM
29/Mar/08 11:41 AM
André, yep. I usually start at about 5.00 am, have a look around the sites and reply to emails, before breakfast at 6.00 am and then fall asleep in front of one of the breakfast shows. A bit dull, I know but it is a routine I can do in my sleep - and frequently do.
29/Mar/08 11:58 AM

A lot of information to absorb. The signage here can be really confusing. I can't remember exactly where it is, but I have come across a sign showing rte 128 N, directly above a sign saying rte 128 S. On a cloudy day, you need a compass to know whether you are coming or going.
29/Mar/08 12:10 PM
3:55 - a fairly easy one today. The sign seems fairly straight-forward to me! Ok, there's a lot of information on it but if you knew where you were heading the sign says it all.

Then again, my background is as a computer programmer, so obscure things tend to make sense to me!
29/Mar/08 2:47 PM
Obscure is definitely the word Chris
29/Mar/08 4:36 PM
Well, that clears it up!
29/Mar/08 5:42 PM
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