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Medium Sudoku for 30/June/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Looks like what was left after dinner last night. (Bitter melon in black bean sauce )
30/Jun/08 12:15 AM
You didn't leave any for me!!!
30/Jun/08 12:16 AM
From what I can see of the remains, I recognize none of the dishes. Can anybody I.D. them for me? They look yummy.
30/Jun/08 2:16 AM
6:03 Hi to all.
30/Jun/08 2:49 AM
I have never been able to master the chop sticks. (I think I would go hungry! Especially trying to eat rice!) The tablecloth and chairs are very pretty!
30/Jun/08 2:50 AM
maEn! 3:56
30/Jun/08 3:52 AM
What a perfect picture for me today. We are taking my husband's parents out for dinner tonight (June 29) to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. They chose Chinese food.
30/Jun/08 3:52 AM

When I was little, I was instructed in the use of chopsticks, and was only allowed to eat chinese food with them, not a fork. I now am equally comfortable with either. Even rice is easy if you have the knack, and remember to take smaller mouthfuls than the Americans do.
30/Jun/08 3:56 AM
I have never been able to figure out chopsticks. I will stick to a fork.
30/Jun/08 4:00 AM
I could never quite get the hang of them, either. When we visited China, I took my own utensils!
30/Jun/08 4:33 AM
I too, have some trouble with chopsticks but I manage to get enough food into my mouth to avoid starvation.
I suppose I should have titled this photo "After Lunch" because that's what it was. My nephew took us on a ferry to an island off Hong Kong for a lunch that was memorable.
I love Chinese food - every now and then our family get together for a delicious Yum Cha.
30/Jun/08 5:36 AM
Kathy- how did you sneak a knife onto the plane? Or did you use a fork & spoon like they do in Singapore? I have always found better service in eastern style restaurants when we use chopsticks! It helps to experience the individual flavours too!
30/Jun/08 5:42 AM
Good afternoon to all! You folks were obviously hungry Ian, as there;s not much left over.
30/Jun/08 7:47 AM
The best way to learn to use chopsticks is have no other utensils. When you are hungry you will quickly learn.
Nothing nicer than a yum cha lunch with the family...
30/Jun/08 8:50 AM
My fear in learning to use chopsticks is that I will get frustrated and end up using my fingers. I think they would rather see my use a fork than my fingers.
30/Jun/08 10:48 AM
I also am not terribly nimble with chopsticks, and to make matters worse, my hubby is quite good with them!! Still, I suppose that starving is not very close on my horizon!!!
30/Jun/08 12:32 PM
chopsticks are easy if you have a good teacher...and are hungry!
30/Jun/08 2:05 PM
This picture fitted in well as it came into focus I was taking the last mouthful of my lunch.LOL
30/Jun/08 2:45 PM
Yum ha is great stuff went last in Sydney with my son
30/Jun/08 2:56 PM
4:24 - hi all. You're right Bean, I was taught to use chopsticks by an old Chinese man in Fiji when I was about 8 years old and haven't had a problem since.
30/Jun/08 3:03 PM
Pretty green.
30/Jun/08 7:10 PM
4.27 The end of a fine meal I am sure.
30/Jun/08 9:41 PM
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