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Easy Sudoku for 30/June/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Morning everyone
30/Jun/08 12:00 AM
Hello all.
30/Jun/08 12:00 AM
Morning Mickey, only thirteen days to go!
30/Jun/08 12:01 AM
Watch out, here comes Dorthea Andretti, speed queen of the freeways!
30/Jun/08 12:01 AM
Good Morning everyone, another gray cloudy day here, but I have my laptop, tv, remote control, dvd player, so I am set for a day of housework and button counting! Have a great day/night where ever you are.
30/Jun/08 12:03 AM
I like the evening photos like that, the colours are brilliant
30/Jun/08 12:03 AM
no it is still 14 Gail, it won't be 13 till they are all in bed again tonight after another horrible day of annoying their mother
30/Jun/08 12:04 AM
2.44 Looks serene and relaxing. Beautiful photo.
30/Jun/08 12:05 AM
Beautiful colors. and so easy.
30/Jun/08 12:06 AM
Sorry Mickey, I miscounted!
Imagine you are in this photo...and they are not!
30/Jun/08 12:06 AM
to have my coffee if anyone has time for a quick chat!
30/Jun/08 12:08 AM
Gee wizz...how did it become Monday so quickly???
I'm outta here...goodnight
30/Jun/08 12:09 AM
Good morning Mickey and all!! Not often I am up late enough for the first page! Need to be up again in 5 hours. Roll on retirement!!
Nice sunsetty sunrisey shot, and a my daughter just gave me a Timtam, there goes the diet!!! Catch you all later!!
30/Jun/08 12:16 AM
Hello EveryOne,
What a peaceful place to be !
30/Jun/08 12:19 AM
2:54 Good evening all.
A lovely photo of a sunset/sunrise!
30/Jun/08 12:22 AM
Good morning all! Lovely picture!
30/Jun/08 12:31 AM
Mickey, how can you be sure it isn't a sunRISE?
30/Jun/08 12:35 AM
good day all-- hope you all have a wonderful day!! Spent the day (unexpectedly) car shopping yesterday--yikes they are expensive!!
30/Jun/08 12:36 AM
Beautiful picture!
30/Jun/08 12:37 AM
Da da Clang Clang

all - today is suppose to be the last day of our 3 day heat wave. Last night another T-Storm. The smoke from the fires has finally discolored the blue skies.

My U-tube is for tonight's concert at Britt:


30/Jun/08 12:38 AM
Keith, I say it's a sunset cause I'm all for the end of a day at the moment, sunrises are just depressing for me at the moment lol
30/Jun/08 12:39 AM

Another big storm last night. This is getting to be a habit!
Great pictures, Kathy! Thanks for posting them Looks like fun was had by all.
Travel safely, Shosho.
30/Jun/08 1:34 AM
LOVE the pic!!
30/Jun/08 1:49 AM
Was up for a bit, then back to sleep. FINALLY up for good.

That looks like a nice place to sit with a cup of coffee in one hand, and a fishing rod in the other.... and nobody else. just quiet.
30/Jun/08 1:53 AM
Today is a "couch potato" day for me. We're having friends over to watch the Euro Cup. Should be a good final. I got a note from Shosho. She made it safely to NC after her whirlwind trip up and down the East Coast! If you haven't checked out the photos yet, see Kathy's (Valrico) page More...
30/Jun/08 2:16 AM
2:13 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

There are moments when everything goes well, but don`t be frightened, it won`t last.
30/Jun/08 2:42 AM
What a beautiful picture. I would like to be sitting on that bench right now! Just gorgeous!

It is cool here today. Currently in the upper 60's at 12:39 P.M! We had a storm watch last night, but no storms!

We got Jenny off okay yesterday. She will be in Mexico for the next More...
30/Jun/08 2:43 AM
Wish it was a couch potato day for me. I need to put Scrapie tags in 5 young ewes, load them in the trailer, and deliver them to their new owner. They are going to object to that treatment and we'll all overheat. Especially me Oh, well, it must be done.
30/Jun/08 2:46 AM
HI, everyone!!! Had a wongerful trip with my grandson. I feel like Auntie Mame in this! We're having a great time together and I managed to extract a promise from his mom that we do it again next year! He's met two of my Sudoku friends, Kathy and Jane, who are absolutely incredibly wonderful!!! And Amy, a big thank you for including Brandon with your merry bunch!
30/Jun/08 2:59 AM
Oh, Heidi, I wish I could bring Brandon to meet you! You sound like someone with a very interesting idea of pets with which my grandson would go crazy!!! He adored Amy's puppy. If he's only a puppy now OMG how big will he be as an adult dog?!?
30/Jun/08 3:02 AM
Ok I've tasted the Key lime pie famous in Florida, and the local shrimp favorite of Georgia and the pecan pie, too. Can anyone tell me what North Carolina is famous for or what is their local favorite?
30/Jun/08 3:09 AM
Does the weather ever get cool here???? I've been roasted through and through!!! Every time I walk out of the house or car it's like walking into an oven!!! A steamed oven!!!
30/Jun/08 3:10 AM
Ok since everyone expects it of me, here goes!!! A cp!!
30/Jun/08 3:11 AM
You go, girl!
30/Jun/08 3:13 AM
Glad you made it safe and sound, Shosho! And, yes, this time of year, it's hot and steamy all up and down the East Coast. We had some rain last night (which we needed), but it didn't cool things down. That's why I spend so much time in the ocean!
30/Jun/08 3:15 AM
Big smooch for Brandon!
30/Jun/08 3:15 AM
Visitors are ALWAYS welcome, Shosho. We do have tour groups through here from time to time as well. The next isn't scheduled until August.
30/Jun/08 3:25 AM
And now to go work those sheep and load them up. I may never cool off after this!
30/Jun/08 3:28 AM
Shosho, North Carolina IS barbeque!

There is always a great debate over the sauce. Tomato based or vinegar based??? I prefer tomato, but you decide your favorite!
30/Jun/08 3:34 AM
As Jane said, typical weather! to the East Coast!
30/Jun/08 3:37 AM
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