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Medium Sudoku for 6/February/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good maEn all
5:54 lovely photo. Good maEn everyone
2:21 very easy today
easy one tonight. great pic.everyone have a great weekend??? spent today at a party having great time meeting new people!
Good MAEN to all. nice pic,
4.58 good mAen love the pic - where is it? Any ideas?
Good Maen to everyone on this fine day.
8:19 Could have been quicker but my Sunday fried brunch turned up and I lost my train of thought. Priorities.
This is fun - addictive
Much easier than it has been for a while...why cant that pic be my view out of my kitchen window...!!!
good Maen all.
just waking up for a hopefully good superbowl sunday. Go Steelers!
8:10. On to Tough if the baby doesn't get me!
Hard, Tough, whatever.
6:57, faster than usual
Good Maen all
Go Seahawks
Morning all! Nice picture (at least not a dog again like easy).
12:23 - my best time ever for medium! Good Maen to all. Go Seahawks!! I like the picture.
Good Maen all!
6:24 much better than yesterday. Hi to all.

Query of the Day:

Can you cry under water?
could that be Mt st. Helen on NW Oregon
Good Maen to all
I do all the time in the shower! But is a shower constitue 'under water'?
Much easier than usual.
3:45 - good MAEN to all. Lovely picture. Happy Super Bowl Day to everyone in the States. GO STEELERS!
Like the picture!
hi all.
$:01 Still fastest time for me, do I dare try Hard?
What a great picture of a ... mountain with a cloud covering the peak!

Time: One hour and five minutes, using every Sudoku device known to mankind....Yessssssss!
4:17 today, and I'm definitely improving1
wooops! that should have been 4:01. Frozen fingers this morning. The pic does look like Mount Hood.
7:09 My fastest medium. Go Hawks Go
Good Maen & Happy Supper Bowl!I think it looks like the south side of Mt. Osama?!
Great picture, easy puzzle today. For those of you watching enjoy the game!! GO STEELERS!!!!!
6:26. Looks volcanic even with its head in the clouds.
Good Maen to everyone on this SuperBowl Sunday or Monday depending on where you live.
8:06 today and zipped through it. Sometimes I think it is this track pad on my powerbook that slows me down.

GO SEAHAWKS....................
Shazzam. . Thats Mt. Saint Helens. Its beautiful but I wouldn't want it in my back yard.
6:52 this morning
TO Joe B. from Onterio. . Mt St. Helens is in Washington not Oregon, Not too far south of Mt. Rainier. You can actually see both parks in one day if you start early.
Congratulations, J.R. You are getting faster.
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