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Medium Sudoku for 9/December/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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What's that in the background?
Tell me, do violets grow in Australia?
09/Dec/09 12:10 AM
a lovely close-up!

09/Dec/09 1:25 AM
2:30 Maen! Gorgeous closeup (again - we have some great photographers on here!)
09/Dec/09 1:57 AM
Looks like tulips in the background. This was a lovely jigsaw. Thank you!
09/Dec/09 1:58 AM
09/Dec/09 2:14 AM
maen all! i reckon violets will grow anywhere...i rue the day we planted our walkway with them...they've taken over everything, including the weeds...they are pretty though! pretty prolific, too! i thought the background was someone's out of focus hand.
09/Dec/09 2:32 AM
Sweet violets, sweeter than all the roses ...
Covered all over from head to toe ...
Covered all over with sweet violets.
09/Dec/09 3:11 AM
Roses are red, violets are...
Sugar is....
And so ....
09/Dec/09 3:11 AM
Delicate beauty.
09/Dec/09 3:47 AM
My thoughts exactly, Cathy!
09/Dec/09 4:04 AM
3:10. hi all.
09/Dec/09 5:22 AM
How kinky, Judy.
09/Dec/09 6:02 AM
Try it ... you'll like it, Kathy!
And don't pretend that you're too young to remember Dinah Shore ...
09/Dec/09 6:28 AM
Shiela: Yes violets grow well in Australia, I have a large patch of both purple and white ones under a magnolia tree.

We also have our very own "native" violet, Viola hederacea:
09/Dec/09 10:33 AM

I also have purple and white ones, and the are my favourites. Deltz, I also think it is someone's hand holding the flower. Judy, roses would be a bit prickly!!
Jigsaw Plum, did you say jigsaw!!!
09/Dec/09 12:52 PM
3.43 Judy, you stole my thoughts!
That's zygocactus leaves in the background.
I have them growing through the lawn.
09/Dec/09 5:13 PM
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