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Easy Sudoku for 9/December/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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morning all
09/Dec/09 12:00 AM
except it's really 10.30 at night here :)
09/Dec/09 12:01 AM
good Maen
09/Dec/09 12:01 AM
Don't believe it . I might make a CP
09/Dec/09 12:01 AM
09/Dec/09 12:01 AM
10:AM here
09/Dec/09 12:02 AM
Probably should get out my cyber christmas attire
09/Dec/09 12:02 AM
Well morning to you John from me
09/Dec/09 12:03 AM
Should have made that GOOD morning to you John
09/Dec/09 12:04 AM
Good Maen, fii & John!
It's a crisp, dreary day so far. Not sure if the sun will show itself at all.
Fii, will you be getting warm sunshine later today?
09/Dec/09 12:06 AM
There we are... all dressed fro Christmas
09/Dec/09 12:07 AM
Shiela, even in the middle of the night it only gets down to 26 degrees here. Likely to have some "warmish" sunshine - up to 34 degrees and then some gusty storms. Currently 30 degrees and 76% humidity at 10.42pm.
09/Dec/09 12:12 AM
Fehrenheit or Celsius?
Looks like it's our day if it's Fehrenheit!
09/Dec/09 12:18 AM
We have had a cool change here after a 40ish degree day, and it is now raining!!!
Evening Fii love your Xmas Avatar!!!
And John & Sheila, night all!!
09/Dec/09 12:20 AM
Hi FII, John, and Shiela!

Oh the joy of getting children to perform like angels for their parents!!!
09/Dec/09 12:20 AM
Celsius Sheila.
09/Dec/09 12:21 AM
Hi Bluey!!
09/Dec/09 12:21 AM
A cold morning here. 6 ° F. (-14.5° C.)
09/Dec/09 12:25 AM
Good morning, Sudokuland! A chilly 68F here this morning, I almost had to put on shoes....
09/Dec/09 12:26 AM
Thanks, Bluey! Thought so.
Quite interesting that our temps predicted are identical... IF it WERE Fehrenheit!
09/Dec/09 12:27 AM
Who gets 22?
09/Dec/09 12:27 AM
09/Dec/09 12:27 AM
(Just a little victory song!)
09/Dec/09 12:28 AM
I'm in agreement with Heidi, though. Frozen is better than "not quite frozen" with rain & mud. Oh, I hate that "M" word...
09/Dec/09 12:31 AM
I posted photos of a half-dozen bird species I took with my "new" CanonSX110IS in 2009, some as recent as 10 days ago and some as far back as March, when I rode my bike in Everglades National Park. All are native to South Florida.
I am amazed at the quality this non-SLR camera gives in close-up:
09/Dec/09 12:32 AM
Jim, really, shoes? Poor baby... You must be getting
09/Dec/09 12:33 AM
Google's logo for the day is, in my opinion, pretty cool..
09/Dec/09 12:34 AM
09/Dec/09 12:35 AM
Jerry, Jerry... I ALMOST put on shoes.
But I didn't.
Thankfully it has warmed to 70F. I may be able to go out for the paper soon.
09/Dec/09 12:42 AM
"Sailin' in those warm December breezes, sending picture postcards back to Tennessee." ~ Jimmy Buffett
09/Dec/09 12:43 AM
2:17 My time's slipping after a week or two of not doing puzzles. How's everyone been?
09/Dec/09 1:04 AM
Happy Birthday, E. C. Seger. Thanks, Jerry.
09/Dec/09 1:05 AM
Everyone! It's been way too long since I last visted Sudokuland. I have missed the worldwide circle of friends who gather here. Thanks to Jane for letting you know about my daughter's thyroid surgery & subsequent complications. I am happy to report that she is finally doing More...
09/Dec/09 1:49 AM
1:51 Maen! Interesting siding on that church... or is that an effect of the photograph?
09/Dec/09 1:53 AM
I am now WAY behind in my Christmas preparations so I still won't have much time to spend here in the next few weeks. But please know that I will be thinking of all of you during this holiday season & will hope to be back to a more "normal" existence in 2010. Merry Christmas &
09/Dec/09 1:54 AM
Good Morning everyone! Mr. VV just got the water running as it froze overnight with our cold temps.
Beautiful snow outside, though...lovin' it!
09/Dec/09 2:05 AM
Well Jim, my temp has gone up from 6 to 10. I had to go out & feed the dogs. They haven't announced their readiness to come back in, Yet. I got a reprieve. The fellow who is supposed to load my dump truck, just called. He "lost" the water at his house (cold)...
09/Dec/09 2:06 AM
Cade's Cove is one of my favorite places for taking pictures! I have been there twice and each time it was wonderful - except for the large number of people there. I would like to visit it in the winter time to see it in a different light...
09/Dec/09 2:46 AM
Glenn, I usually stay away from the 'civilized areas' of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I spend my time hiking the trails when I go there. It's beautiful!
09/Dec/09 3:10 AM
President Obama's job approval rating has fallen to 47 percent in the latest Gallup poll, the lowest ever recorded for any president at this point in his term.

09/Dec/09 3:13 AM
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