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Easy Sudoku for 8/December/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
08/Dec/09 12:00 AM
Good mEan everyone,
Heartfelt thanx for all the good wishes on my birthday day before. Despite being in and out of circulation on this wonderful site, I still attached to it in a distant way. There are quite a few members who definitely have very positive vibrations and that gets transmitted in some way or the other. Thanx once again and will try and keep in touch.
08/Dec/09 12:08 AM
Good Maen, John, Jaspal and others who might have signed on while I wrote this!
08/Dec/09 12:12 AM
Good morning John and Jaspal.
Pleased you had a great birthday Jaspal.
And greetings to those still to post.
08/Dec/09 12:13 AM
We were both thinking alike Shiela!
08/Dec/09 12:14 AM
Hi, John, Jaspal, Shiela, and June!!!

Glad your day was great, Jaspal!
08/Dec/09 12:19 AM
I like brown cows.
08/Dec/09 12:23 AM
Good Morning to everyone!
08/Dec/09 12:25 AM
It's not a puppy or a kitten, Jim.
(But it's still cute!)
08/Dec/09 12:29 AM

A neurotic is the person who builds a castle in the air. A psychotic is the person who lives in it. And a psychiatrist is the person who collects the rent.
08/Dec/09 12:36 AM
That's nice, Daplap - and perhaps:

An obsessive 'dwells' ON the castle.

A psychopath cycles to the castle.

The schizophrenic doesn't know which of two castles to go to.

The paranoid think he is the king of the castle.

08/Dec/09 1:33 AM
frist snow fell overnight
08/Dec/09 1:50 AM

A man moved into a nudist colony and within a few weeks he received a letter from his mother asking him to send her a current picture. Too embarrassed to let her know that he lives in a nudist colony, he cut one photo in half and sends her the top part.
A few weeks later he received another More...
08/Dec/09 2:10 AM
everyone. Gray and chilly here, so I'll bundle up for my walk then put my geraniums in the compost. They still don't look too bad, but enough already.
08/Dec/09 2:28 AM
08/Dec/09 2:34 AM
Good day all. It is doing that flurry thing here. Oh well, tis the season. Have a great day.
08/Dec/09 2:39 AM
Cathy, snow may be coming your way. Mymare has snow in the Chicago area. It's snowing here in SE Michigan - at least it's in the air. It looks like someone shook a giant snow globe right now!
08/Dec/09 2:42 AM
The snow is melting. We only got 2 inches or so, but it sure was pretty.
Nice to see some 'old' regulars posting yesterday.
08/Dec/09 2:44 AM
My cat is having a 'mad moment' !!! He just ran from one side of the house to the other in seconds flat! Better go investigate!
08/Dec/09 2:45 AM
Oh, Shiela, you're always thinking of me! Sure, send it along--I'm ready!
, Daplap!
P.S. I'd like to go on record and say I haven't slept with Tiger Woods ... anyone else?
08/Dec/09 2:49 AM
Me either, Cathy. I don't like the way he drives....
08/Dec/09 2:52 AM
Can I? 22?
08/Dec/09 2:52 AM
I don't think I've ever gotten it before!
08/Dec/09 2:53 AM
Long dry spell for you, Kathy??
08/Dec/09 2:56 AM

Yesterday's puzzle:
Female kangaroos carry their young (joeys) in a pouch. Likewise, kangaroo words contain another word (a joey) within themselves. A joey word is a synonym of the kangaroo word, and the letters must be in the same order.

Example: "rapscallion" contains the More...
08/Dec/09 3:02 AM
Dry in what respect, Judy? I do retain fluid....
08/Dec/09 3:04 AM
Daplap, I do like that joke!
08/Dec/09 3:05 AM
... And the torch is passed ...
08/Dec/09 3:05 AM
I'm here! Hi all! You've been posting daft puzzles again Kathy! Here's today's one - answers to the chivalrous inbox please!

It roars like thunder,
And rises higher,
While breathing fire,
This wingless wonder.

If it leaves its cave,
Drags us in its tail,
Over hill More...
08/Dec/09 3:07 AM
The "huge beast" sounds a lot like you, Fiona ...
08/Dec/09 3:09 AM
I wonder if anyone else is hopeless at wrapping Christmas presents? I just can't do it - they always look squidgy and crumpled and torn and just not pretty when I do it. How sad. After all these years I've even given up trying!
08/Dec/09 3:09 AM
Thank you Judy, that's all I needed to hear after a hard day at work.
08/Dec/09 3:10 AM
Fiona is off her sofa!
08/Dec/09 3:11 AM
Two words, Fiona. Decorative bag.
08/Dec/09 3:12 AM
No, I'm not Kathy! I've just sat down on it. Tired feet tonight!
08/Dec/09 3:12 AM
Three words Kathy. Too Damn Expensive!
08/Dec/09 3:13 AM
Two more words, Fiona. Dollar Store.
Do they have those in France? Everything in the store for $1.00.
08/Dec/09 3:17 AM
Will have to visit your Dollar Store next time we're in the States! Remember Kathy, this is the Eurozone; when you're within it, everything's expensive, when you're out of it, everything is a giveaway! This Christmas we're in it!!
08/Dec/09 3:19 AM
Negative Keith!
08/Dec/09 3:20 AM
How now ...
08/Dec/09 3:21 AM
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