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Easy Sudoku for 14/November/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi, all!
14/Nov/18 12:01 AM
Good Maen, good people. Easy solve 1, 3->9, then 2.
14/Nov/18 12:09 AM
1:48 Nice sunrise.
Good night all!
14/Nov/18 12:24 AM
What? I missed Arachnid's birthday? Well, you must celebrate all over again with my best wishes for your happiness.
14/Nov/18 12:57 AM
14/Nov/18 1:13 AM
2:05. Good Morning, all!
14/Nov/18 1:17 AM
14/Nov/18 1:30 AM
(For Shosho!)
14/Nov/18 2:03 AM
Sunnnnny! (For the first time in ages!)
Hope your day is, too!
14/Nov/18 2:04 AM
It's the perfect snow!
Everything is covered in white - but not on the roads, driveways nor sidewalks!
14/Nov/18 2:06 AM
We were raking leaves after dark last night, trying to get them all off our lawn before the snow hit. Whew!
14/Nov/18 2:09 AM
<---That's for sweat & tears.
We have proof that trees grow each year. We filled an all-time high number of leaf bags this season. Hubby (mostly) and I raked 92 tall leaf bags (packed tightly) this year.
14/Nov/18 2:17 AM
Right now we have 65 bags of leaves in our garage waiting for our monthly recycle day. There is no room for hubby's car. It's outside covered in snow. (We had already taken 27 bags of leaves there last month!)
14/Nov/18 2:20 AM
That's a heck of a lot of leaves, Shiela!
We are fortunate to be able to rake/blow ours to the curb where the city picks them up. They come around with a vacuum truck at scheduled times in the Fall. They then use all More...
14/Nov/18 2:32 AM
We have to use paper leaf bags and that's why they are in the garage.
Yes, we planted almost all those Maple trees - and one Ginkgo tree & a tri-color Beech - about 30 years ago! I think we have about 25-30 deciduous trees altogether. Wondering if it was such a good idea!
14/Nov/18 2:37 AM
Since we live in the township and have to take our leaves ourselves. Hubby can fit 9 bags in our car: 2 in the front seat, 4 in the back seat and 3 in the open trunk. That means 7 trips + another trip for our regular recycling items. Luckily, it's located only a little over a mile away.
14/Nov/18 2:44 AM
(Substitute 'we' for 'and' in the first sentence and it'll make more sense!)
14/Nov/18 2:46 AM
WE did all the raking we could do yesterday, too - trying to beat the rain, with snow later today!

We mulch all our leaves with the bagging-mower, then pack them into plastic bags to use next year for mulch on our veggie garden. We were short bags last year, so our goal is 30, which won't More...
14/Nov/18 3:25 AM
The city collects leaves with a vacuum truck similarly, Kathy - our collection week is next week; often the job is sporadically completed throughout December because winter weather disrupts the schedule!
14/Nov/18 3:30 AM
If you enjoyed reading the ''Peanuts'' comic strip, you might like this....

14/Nov/18 4:16 AM
YouHoo, Keith.......
14/Nov/18 4:17 AM
14/Nov/18 4:17 AM
14/Nov/18 4:36 AM
Thanks, DoA - it's lengthy - I'll be finishing it later, but very 'enlightening'!
14/Nov/18 5:34 AM
Morning all,a quick puzzle with a beautiful picture as the reward.
14/Nov/18 6:14 AM
14/Nov/18 6:19 AM
Gorgeous sunset today!
14/Nov/18 6:22 AM
OH oh! That should be sunrise! Often difficult to tell.
14/Nov/18 6:24 AM
Beautiful sunrise photo
14/Nov/18 7:09 AM
all. We have arrived safely to our Florida home, but not without a few difficulties. The drive to the Amtrak station was horrendous - snow showers turned to heavy rain and the DC Beltway was horrible. We were travelling at 5mph! Yuck!! Instead of an 8 hour drive it took us 12. The More...
14/Nov/18 7:44 AM
14/Nov/18 8:25 AM
14/Nov/18 12:22 PM
1:33, would have been quicker using my own keyboard/mouse! Good afternoon everyone.
14/Nov/18 12:54 PM
14/Nov/18 1:58 PM
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