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Easy Sudoku for 13/November/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Goodnight everybody and goodbye November 12th
13/Nov/18 12:00 AM
1:34 Two of Ian's photos on here tonight.

Haven't long been home from the cinema where my sister & I went to see Bohemian Rhapsody. A bit loud but a very good movie.
13/Nov/18 12:17 AM
Good night Rage.
Good night Anne.
Good morning Tom.
13/Nov/18 2:06 AM
W_A. 'Night Eage and Anne.

I seem to have missed a birthday yesterday. Belated Birthday greetings, Arachnid!
13/Nov/18 2:19 AM
Eage???? Sleep well, Rage!
13/Nov/18 2:20 AM
2:24. A very slow, but Good, Morning to all.
13/Nov/18 2:24 AM
13/Nov/18 2:39 AM
Good Morning Wow_Axel, Kathy, Tom, & Hal; nite-nite Anne,& Rage!
13/Nov/18 2:48 AM
Not sunny today.
Hope you see a bit of sun in your day!
13/Nov/18 3:15 AM
Hoping the California wildfires are under control soon. Stay safe, friends.
13/Nov/18 3:19 AM
13/Nov/18 3:49 AM
I hope the fires quit soon, too, I'm so tired of orange sky and smoky smell
13/Nov/18 3:50 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
13/Nov/18 3:51 AM
I wonder when the Canberra Carillon was built? It looks like it's somewhere between Art Deco and Modern style.
13/Nov/18 3:55 AM
Oh, I was equally curious, Shiela… so here's a website for more info re. that enormous Carillon Tower, the bells, how they're played, & all sorts of trivia:


https://www.weekendnotes.com/national- carillon/37846/
13/Nov/18 4:06 AM
How lucky to live in Canberra & possibly have the joy of hearing that carillon played not only on holidays, but it appears as if it is played daily!
13/Nov/18 4:08 AM
Joyce! Shall we visit it on Christmas Day?
13/Nov/18 4:35 AM
Ian for the photo of the Carillon. There is a Carillon in Ottawa ,our Capital city.
13/Nov/18 5:41 AM
13/Nov/18 5:43 AM
Back to the turkey.
13/Nov/18 6:21 AM
13/Nov/18 6:21 AM
13/Nov/18 6:21 AM
Morning all, I think another visit to Canberra is needed.
13/Nov/18 6:24 AM
Knew if I waited long enough Keith would get his number !
13/Nov/18 6:26 AM
13/Nov/18 6:36 AM
13/Nov/18 6:39 AM
1:29. Good morning everyone.

The Carillon is wonderful to listen to Joyce. I've often been running around Lake Burley Griffin while it's being played and have been there for a few recitals as well.
13/Nov/18 8:43 AM
13/Nov/18 10:52 AM
13/Nov/18 11:55 AM
Chris, I'm so envious! We have a small church at the end of our street which does not even have a steeple, but ever since we've lived here, they play recordings of carillon bells at noon, 5:00 & 8:00 pm - it is most delightful But surely the real thing would be magnificent!
13/Nov/18 12:53 PM
Kathy, I did sleep well.
13/Nov/18 3:06 PM
Friend of mine was digging three holes in his back yard, I asked him what he was doing? He said I'm burying my dog. I asked What the other two holes were for? He replied they weren't big enough.
13/Nov/18 3:14 PM
You can get it digging a hole, you can get it telling a joke, matter of fact I got it now Cheers
13/Nov/18 3:15 PM
Hi Everyone, The clock has passed the magic time of 3pm so it is time to post my answers to the latest 3&4 puzzle. There have been 9 responses from Sarah, Judy, Amelia, Kathy, Joyce, Grass-hopper, Peter, Chris and Plum. Plum also sent in the results for last week. It is great to see a new More...
13/Nov/18 3:19 PM
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