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Medium Sudoku for 9/February/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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3:12 Maen Pretty sky indeed
3:21 Maen
5:21 lovely sunset
ahhh nuclear summer!
Good Maen 9:20 Beautiful sunset.
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Sunrise,sunset without the clouds it wouldn't be as pretty.Goodnight all, enjoy your day/night.
Pretty sky.
Kurunjang, couldn't go off to bed after reading that, my question is ' did the man stay with her when her boobs sagged' ? LOL

Thanks, phptgrapher, for sharing the beauty!
Pretty sky, looks like from si-fi movie
This is one of those shots that reminds me of the glory of God's creation! God bless us all.
4.21 at 9am Oklahoma time. Good Maen! Another beautiful sunset. Thanks for sharing
i forgot the timer
' Is too beautiful ' is realy too beautiful.
Nice picture of sunset.
Good mAen to all.
4:19 Hi to all. wonderful colours.
3:03. Maen. Am tired of this cold snap. Another double-digit below zero. You know it's bad when just plain zero seems balmy.
I have added another new blog page, Finding Ywing Styles.

A link to this page is in the upper right column, directly under 'Check out the Sudoku Blog'.

Hopefully, the procedure described for finding such eliminations will be helpful for many.

4:48; all those in sub-zero temps, think warm thoughts and cozy sunsets, beach weather is just round the corner!
4:21 I'm with you, Karen--I found the photo awe-inspiring. The wondrous hand of the Creator, indeed.
Was this photo taken recently - we had a similar sky a few evenings ago with an approaching thunderstorm? It is a really nice photo.
lovely photo
4:12 Wasn't that sky amazing, Ian? Very surreal. This one is just stunning.
maEn all
Loved that one Kurunjang!!!
Maen! 4:56 Medusa the Gorgon, too much imagination perhaps? :-)
Rose, I captured a few photos and two of them are on my flickr site.
That sky looked really green at my place - it reminded of the big hail storm in 98 (or was it 99) - the one that did sooo much damage!
my first comment
3:36 - I think that's my best ever for medium!
5:42 (also)
4:16 2007-03-02
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