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Easy Sudoku for 11/May/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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11/May/15 12:05 AM
Kinda late for first. Can I get second, too?
11/May/15 12:06 AM
11/May/15 12:18 AM
Happy Mother's Day to those on this side of the world.
11/May/15 12:19 AM
... oh yea, Happy Mother's Day.
11/May/15 12:28 AM
Poem, written by lyricist Howard Johnson:


M is for the million things she gave me

O means only that she's growing old

T is for the tears she shed to save me

H is for her heart of purest gold

E is for her eyes with love light shining

R More...
11/May/15 12:50 AM
, y'all - and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all our moms and wives who are moms, and to all of our moms here in Sudokuland!
11/May/15 1:43 AM
Sweet thoughts for moms, DoA, thanks for sharing.
11/May/15 1:44 AM
One of my favorite writings honoring Mothers:

When God Created Mothers

When the good Lord was creating mothers, He was into His sixth day of overtime, when an
angel appeared and said, ''You're doing a lot of fiddling around on this one.''

And the Lord said, ''Have you More...
11/May/15 1:55 AM
DoA and Silvergal for sharing, lovely words for Mothers Day.
11/May/15 2:33 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world.
11/May/15 2:33 AM

Well thats half way to Keith's number......
11/May/15 2:34 AM
cant count.ohhhhhh well nothing new.
11/May/15 2:35 AM

Your a little bit closer Keith, but still got a bit of gallumping to do

CP and Im back to the coal face....night night
11/May/15 2:38 AM

to all the Moms in Sudokuland!
11/May/15 3:06 AM
Happy Mothers' Day! Hubby offered a lovely dinner out ... but we are doing what I prefer ... LOL! We are leaving soon to ride our bikes on a dirt road way out in the country to a quiet and beautiful spot for a picnic lunch, consisting of shrimp, local strawberries, a fresh baguette, More...
11/May/15 3:25 AM
11/May/15 3:35 AM
I had just the opposite experience last night! My older son took us to a very expensive restaurant, Bazaar, in a Beverly Hills hotel. For the eight of us the bill was almost $900!
11/May/15 3:37 AM
We had a tapas dinner like having hors d'oeuvres instead of plates of food. From drinks made with cotton candy or with liquid nitrogen (for a slushy drink) to tiny caviar cones to weird spherical bubbles that you bite and out squishes liquids with intense flavors of olives or brie cheese.
11/May/15 3:45 AM
We had so many dishes I lost count. I wish I remembered to take those foodie pics of the plates as they came out! So expensive that I don't think we'll be doing that soon!
11/May/15 3:46 AM
We even went to the desert room afterwards! I had my first dark chocolate pop rocks!!! The room had a long counter to show the different small dishes and a huge menu there just devoted to sweets!
11/May/15 3:48 AM
I dedicate this post to Keith!!!
11/May/15 3:48 AM
My mom's been gone over 20 years. She was a devout atheist and not sentimental. She liked me well enough, but wouldn't hesitate to make it clear that she never wanted to have children. I often remembered Mother's Day with a card or phone call, but it was no big deal to her if I forgot it. I still have fond memories of her, but I guess I'm not all that sentimental, either.
11/May/15 3:49 AM
I started typing that at 18, and had plans to work my way to 22 after I posted it. Shosho happily worked her way to it while I was typing.
11/May/15 3:51 AM
Judy, sounds like a LOVELY way to spend Mom's Day - I shared that with the SilverFam, and 'Teen said 'Awwwww!'

Shosho, I think something like that is great for the Bucket List, to say you've gone extravagant. I'd have to agree that kinda foodie event goes over my head. I enjoyed that $81 meal the three of us had at Outback just fine!
11/May/15 4:08 AM
Keith, I'm saddened to hear that your mom, well, could've poured more love into you, but glad that there seems to be no lingering bitterness. She did leave with good memories, too, so that says something.
11/May/15 4:17 AM
Pretty bride, but the groom isn't very visible.
11/May/15 4:55 AM
Good afternoon to all! A future mother and father pledging their love!
11/May/15 5:39 AM
Happy Mother's Day to ALL mothers world-wide. Where would any of us be without them and their support?
11/May/15 5:40 AM
Hi from Paris.Weather here is fine and warm. We enjoyed all the bohemian cities we visited and then got the train to Paris. Today we visited Monet's garden and Versailles. A big day with lots of walking. My knee is feeling much better but I still used the walking stick when there is a lot of walking. We are off tomorrow for a WWI battlefields tour. we will be back in Paris later in the week.
11/May/15 5:52 AM
Good Morning.
11/May/15 6:01 AM
everybody. Glad to know the moms in our group are finding lots of different ways (& places!) to celebrate motherhood.

June, did you run into Kerrie from Australia in Paris? Ha ha. She posted some great pics on FB. Interesting that you are there at the same time! Rob & I will be arriving there two weeks from tomorrow! Can't wait!
11/May/15 6:02 AM
Got back near midnight from my very short sojourn to Suva, Fiji.
11/May/15 6:03 AM
So pretty much missed Mothers' Day.
11/May/15 6:03 AM
But Mr P had bought me a very beautiful orchid plant and there were messsages and cards from the kids.
11/May/15 6:05 AM
So Happy Mothers' Day to those celebrating today.
11/May/15 6:06 AM
For me it is a poignant time with my mum's anniversary last week and my grandmother's birthday yesterday.
11/May/15 6:08 AM
Now I'm off to catch up with enails.
11/May/15 6:08 AM
Oh, what the heck......
11/May/15 6:09 AM
11/May/15 6:10 AM
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