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Easy Sudoku for 15/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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12:17 and no posts yet? Hi everyone.
15/Feb/16 12:18 AM
15/Feb/16 12:21 AM
2:02 Good night one and all!

That's a rather big litter.
15/Feb/16 12:48 AM
Good morning to all! And people say it's tough to take care of triplets and quads!
15/Feb/16 1:11 AM
Little change in temperatures here from yesterday. Another stay at home and stay inside day!
15/Feb/16 1:13 AM
I don't think that there are enough spouts at the fountain! So cute ...
15/Feb/16 1:59 AM
15/Feb/16 2:15 AM
Hard to tell where one pup ends and another begins.
15/Feb/16 2:19 AM
to those celebrating.
My celebration includes cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry, Don't tell me romance is dead in this household.
15/Feb/16 2:29 AM
I did make hubby's favorite dessert as a surprise for him. He wanted to go out for dinner, but, I'd rather stay in the nice warm house than brave the bone-chilling temps out there! Netflix, wine, and a nice fire in the fireplace will be fine with me.
15/Feb/16 2:34 AM
After agonizing over Serena's and lonewoof's letter equations for two days, I have sent what I came up with.....if #1 is correct, all my hair pulling will not have been in vain. I'm not too hopeful, however.
15/Feb/16 2:40 AM
Gotta go for it....
15/Feb/16 2:41 AM
I wonder who was more surprised...Adele or her people!
15/Feb/16 2:42 AM
beautiful day in OK
15/Feb/16 2:55 AM
Happy Valentines Day
15/Feb/16 2:59 AM
Happy Valentine's Day, and
15/Feb/16 3:09 AM
If I walk away now ...
15/Feb/16 3:11 AM
somebody else will snag it.
15/Feb/16 3:11 AM
So, I'm going for it.
15/Feb/16 3:12 AM
Am I alone?
15/Feb/16 3:12 AM
15/Feb/16 3:12 AM
15/Feb/16 3:12 AM
Happy Valentines Day, everyone!!!
15/Feb/16 3:42 AM
15/Feb/16 3:42 AM
Judy, hope your day is special.
15/Feb/16 3:45 AM

(Which means... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! And... it's sunny!)
15/Feb/16 4:19 AM
And, unfortunately, it's very c-c-c-cold, too!
15/Feb/16 4:21 AM
Morning all, Adele's family are all just like her.
15/Feb/16 4:27 AM

Happy Valentine's Day to all.

Happy Birthday to Judy. Enjoy your 2 day celebration!
15/Feb/16 4:28 AM
Judy, enjoy your two day celebration.
15/Feb/16 4:30 AM
Morning Dottie and snap regarding Judy's birthday message !😃
15/Feb/16 4:31 AM
I was going to suggest that June, CP and myself join the CSC, 'The Can't Sleep Club' but they must be sleeping. Oh well !
15/Feb/16 4:36 AM
Good afternoon all! I'm always thankful that there are more alert folks than I re. birthdays... I seldom remember to check. Soooooooo
15/Feb/16 4:57 AM
Here's to days & days of celebrating your birthday season, Judy - as well as some love, too!
15/Feb/16 5:00 AM
Judy. And just how old are we today, my dear?
15/Feb/16 5:05 AM
Sitting in the Charlotte airport waiting for our flight to Miami, then to Guayaquil.
15/Feb/16 5:08 AM
Shall I try for the page change?
15/Feb/16 5:10 AM
Just 3 to go.
15/Feb/16 5:11 AM
15/Feb/16 5:12 AM
15/Feb/16 5:12 AM
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