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Easy Sudoku for 16/August/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi all> It's been a while...
2:12 Snowy snoot
2:11 Cool dog. Happy Maen, everyone!
2:45, slow but early.
A snow dog!!!
3:48... it's been a while!
2:33 Good evening all. Take the poor dog inside out of the cold.
My time: 3:14. A dog in some bizzare looking white stuff that if it arrived that thick in Florida, thousands would die I am afraid. Another day well above 30 here.... 30C that is! Palms are green and sky and sea are blue by dee ocean, mon!
Can't say I'd be exactly comfortable on that thing...
2:27 Maen
oooh wait that was for yesterday...
2:50 hey all and nitey nite.
G from D - you for hire? Sound like a handyman to me...my u-bend is leaking, towel rail needs fixing and my garden needs doing... I have a t.v.
Haven't seen Teddy in yonks, must be enjoying a spanking elsewhere.

'Wondron' who you are?
Is this like Golden in the snow (or is that yellow).

Good Maen, all!
c'mon wondron. explain yourself.
My Pledge to You: YOU WILL! :-) :-) XXX
Good Maen everyone...have a wonderful day...
Just heard.

Prince Charles' butler given an old cookbook of the Prince's to the media. It contained 100 of the things Charles liked to eat the most. Unfortunately 95 of them were Camilla Parker-Bowles
Jim from Jupiter,

Do the olive shells still roll up in numbers on the beach on the island there?

Last time I was there was 1975. Boy am I old.
That dog looks like he might be saying

'Would you stop aiming the snowblower shoot at me!'
THE JOKER: Your jokes are pretty rude and disgusting. Whassa matter for you? Not enough shaking in your OWN life???? LOL
No, I don't have Parkinsons. So no shakin' goin on hear.
HUGH: Your Camp Bananas sound a LOT more appealing than our traditional somores! Could you give me a more detailed description of their creation? How big a hunk do you remove? What kind of chocolate is best? How do you eat the finished product? With 4-5 more weeks looming ahead as we 'camp' at the cabin, we promise to try them several times! Yum!!
THE JOKER: Not what I meant ... but I'm glad to hear that you're OK!
Glad to see you have returned to easy page, but would prefer the weather, your jokes are nowhere near as intelligent.
Cool dog.
funny joke, but, eewwwwwwwwwwww
2:22 Hi to all.

Some great comments and nice to see some of the old posters even if you do lurk! great to hear from you all.

JH - lovely to see you post how was the Antartic sounds like a dream come true! Must be getting nigh on a year since I first found my addiction here gosh how More...
'explain yourself'
I was under the impression that the chatroom was a public room. 'not now, its not a good time' is not very nice welcome. May I suggest if you and your friend(s) want a private room, try yahoo or msn.
And neither is your spelling.
Thought for the Day:

Find something to laugh about everyday...
Congratulations to all of you celebrating your One-Year Sudoku Birthdays! You sure have stuck with it for a long time! Many of you returned to posting to celebrate the momentous occasion. Could it be that you are seeking your Birthday Spankings? :)
Ap hope all were able to enjoy your INDEPENDENCE DAY and all from there.


ANGIE fr Wisconsin Happy 30th Birthday♪♪♪♪♪♪

Happy Birthday, ANGIE! Will you share your party with the three little darlings? Be happy. XO
I was born under a wondron star.
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