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Easy Sudoku for 21/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hope everything is going well, Dotty R.
21/Jan/16 12:00 AM
Not after midnight......again!!
21/Jan/16 12:04 AM
21/Jan/16 12:23 AM
Good morning people of the world.
21/Jan/16 12:34 AM
Another day of having to be quiet, with the add challenge of him wanting the bedroom door open. I figured I would let him get into a deep sleep, then close the door.
Don't know how Serena did it with babies in the house.
21/Jan/16 12:36 AM
G'nite everybody... go to bed Jack... it is getting late!
Have a good day
21/Jan/16 12:37 AM
Super Mom was in action this morning. Up by 5:45, dressed decent enough to stand by the road, big breakfast of two types of eggs, French toast, bacon, chocolate milk and coffee prepared, by 6:20. Of course, during that time non-morning people were awaken and up. Breakfast consumed, people dressed, More...
21/Jan/16 12:44 AM
My roaring fire has not helped me since the return from the bus stop. I made the mistake of leaning on a metal bar while waiting for the bus. Through a few layers of clothing, standing by the fire and then sitting on my tush for the 50 minutes, my tush has not defrosted, yet.

Words of More...
21/Jan/16 12:48 AM
There ya go Shosho.
21/Jan/16 12:49 AM
In the morning activities, conversation was actually had. Normally, it is me yelling get up, eat, get dressed and we need to go, followed by moans, groans and whines.
Well, in the conversation, I learned that the 9 year old is learning about her female powers. Sunday, at the park, I got a More...
21/Jan/16 12:55 AM
Another exciting part of this girl's growing up is going to happen this weekend. Her first non-relative slumber party. We are so excited, but the closer the date comes, I see some anxiousness in her eyes and she keeps asking questions if she is doing something right.
This mother who is having More...
21/Jan/16 1:02 AM
Time for another cup and to rev up the fire. The tempt is not much different from yesterday's, but I am cold. And I have clothes on.
21/Jan/16 1:03 AM
Really should not complain. In another site I go to, someone asked, 'How cold is it where you live?' At the time, it was 40 degrees here, and until someone from Florida said 46, I was the warmest place out of about 30 post, at that time. By those other people's post, I was sweltering. There are some cold places out there.
21/Jan/16 1:07 AM
Yeah, I thought I was gone too, but something amazing happened while I was bringing in some more wood.
I left the back door open when I brought in the wood and Stray Kitty, who I think, has the new name of Harry, came inside. She came right inside the door and looked around, smelled one of the More...
21/Jan/16 1:25 AM
The carpet looks wrinkled to me.
21/Jan/16 1:27 AM
Karen, this ought to warm you up, it is a balmy 17 here with a windchill of 5.
21/Jan/16 1:28 AM
I didn't really have too many hubby sleeping issues in all these years of night shift. He pretty much sleeps like the dead. We have found three things that wake him up easily; the prospect of deer hunting, me in labor, and the one small earthquake we had a long time ago.
21/Jan/16 1:31 AM
My life is starting to get a little busier. Little boy has his own activities now. He is in cub scouts. Last night we had to split ways because Elijah had basketball and he had cub scouts. It's Elijah's first time doing basketball. They are a lot more laid back than football was.
21/Jan/16 1:34 AM
I'm going to take this cp and run.
21/Jan/16 1:34 AM
21/Jan/16 1:39 AM
So close.
21/Jan/16 1:39 AM
21/Jan/16 1:39 AM
21/Jan/16 1:56 AM
21/Jan/16 2:05 AM
Bit early for that, isn't it Hal?
21/Jan/16 2:05 AM
I think I may have the ghost post thing figured out. Give me a couple of days to confirm.
21/Jan/16 2:08 AM
Wow, Karen. I think at 9 years old I was still playing with dolls. You have a looooong road ahead of you if the boy/girl interest has already started. I thought it was bad when my daughter was 12. You have my sympathy.
21/Jan/16 2:46 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle:
1. star, rats
2. wed, dew
3. keep, peek
4. guns, snug
5. part, trap
6. reward, drawer

In honor of Karen's stray kitty, Harry, winners, Aileen, Judy, Darwen Jim, Hal, Joyce, Serena, Wombat, Chalkboard, Sarah, Mads, and Peter receive the ''The Cat IS The Hat'' Crown
21/Jan/16 2:54 AM
21/Jan/16 2:54 AM
Thank you, Karen!!! Here's flying your way!
21/Jan/16 2:55 AM
Just checked the outdoor-indoor thermometer - outside 61.3ºF (16.278ºC) and inside 68ºF (20ºC). BUT didn't go for my usual run this morning. I have this aversion to running in cold rain! It's still raining. The migratory birds are going to be very happy.
21/Jan/16 2:59 AM
I'm glad Keith got his 22 today.

Wolf - Thanks for your concern. I'm fine for now. I just hope the procedure in 2 weeks finds the source of the problem and they can easily take care of it then.
21/Jan/16 3:00 AM
And, for today......

Can you find anagrams of the following words?


Hint: These are the first letters of the words: P, M, T, M, R, T, W, L, T, T.
21/Jan/16 3:01 AM
from beautiful OK
21/Jan/16 3:01 AM
Have to make a mad dash to another town this morning.
21/Jan/16 3:02 AM
Sometime after I fell asleep, my hubby finally put in a hook on the door to the livingroom! We have a door that folds open there and last week the geriatric cat figured out how to open it and all three cats woke us up very early, yowling and nudging us awake while sitting on us! Two of the cats, not so bad but Big fat Blackie, ugh!
21/Jan/16 3:02 AM
Oooh a race to the bottom of the page!!!
21/Jan/16 3:03 AM
What a thrill!!!
21/Jan/16 3:03 AM
21/Jan/16 3:03 AM
21/Jan/16 3:03 AM
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