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Easy Sudoku for 20/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Heat in the morning and AC in the afternoon.
20/Jan/16 12:01 AM
What a cute photo. Really close up and personal.
20/Jan/16 12:11 AM
20/Jan/16 12:13 AM
Wagdy Kamel is asking on TOS for positive thoughts because of his heart problems.
20/Jan/16 12:46 AM
A little too close.
20/Jan/16 1:45 AM


In the today we have Judy, Chris, Silvergal, and lonewoof. Today's prize is inspired by lonewoof.
20/Jan/16 1:50 AM
I have some homework to check and some spelling words to dictate so I'm off for now.
20/Jan/16 1:51 AM
Looks like a baby alpaca.
20/Jan/16 2:04 AM
Good morning people of the world.
20/Jan/16 2:30 AM
There you go my friend.
20/Jan/16 2:31 AM
Great thoughts going out to Wagby.

Do you know if Wagby is here in the US or in Egypt?
20/Jan/16 2:32 AM
The plan was to get the family out of the house and do some serious deep cleaning. You know move furniture cleaning. But that is not going to happen because I have to be quiet this week. Man got a two hours notice yesterday that he will be working over nights this week. So as I was pushing half the More...
20/Jan/16 2:36 AM
Good morning to all! It looks like that guy/girl tried to get inside the camera!
20/Jan/16 2:36 AM
Wanna go on a picnic? I'll alpaca lunch.
20/Jan/16 2:39 AM
We had to say good bye to one of furry friends this past week. Pikachu went outside to play one afternoon and never came back home. She generally stayed close to home when she went out, but in all our searches, calling, and treat container shaking has resulted in zilch.
Saturday there was flock More...
20/Jan/16 2:41 AM
On the other kitty news. Stray Kitty seems to be trusting us a little more each day. No more saucers eyes and each day our hands can get a little closer, before she backs off. Not run away, just moves away. She wants to come inside, but just comes to the door and stops. I put treats right inside More...
20/Jan/16 2:48 AM
Cute picture.
20/Jan/16 2:55 AM

I can see! I no longer have an excuse for any typos I may post.

It's been awhile....would you like to try a poozle?

Here you go.....

Each pair of hints below relates to two words. One of the More...
20/Jan/16 2:59 AM
Wagdy lives in Florida now, Karen.

We once had an indoor cat that escaped and was gone for a week. He finally wandered home somewhat bedraggled and hungry. I might add, he never wandered again. I guess he learned his lesson. I hope you have the same luck.
20/Jan/16 3:07 AM
from beautiful OK
20/Jan/16 3:20 AM
We had a nice long weekend. It was cold but......
20/Jan/16 3:21 AM
back Kathy.
20/Jan/16 3:25 AM

Keith didn't return in time for his 22 today. I second Sue's sentiments. Welcome back, Kathy. I'm glad your eyes are better.
20/Jan/16 3:27 AM
I had the venous duplex test (ultrasound) done on my legs yesterday. Tomorrow is pre-admission testing with my regular doctor. Then Feb. 3 is an bifemoral arterior angiogram and possibly stents from my waist down to try to solve my lousy circulation problems. Hopefully, I'm home that same day with no complications.
20/Jan/16 3:30 AM
everyone! Lots of commentary to remark upon...

Welcome back to the visual world, Kathy!
Best of luck for a returned Pikachu, Karen!
Best wishes on the circulation issues, Dottie!
Sorry you didn't return in time, Keith!
Positive vibes to you, Wagdy for whatever is ailing your heart.
20/Jan/16 3:49 AM
Good morning.
20/Jan/16 3:56 AM
Glad you can see properly again, Kathy.
20/Jan/16 3:57 AM
Fingers crossed that Pikachu turns up, Karen.
20/Jan/16 3:57 AM
And best wishes and love to Wagdy.
20/Jan/16 3:58 AM
Have had a drink of hot milk, been here on pooter - time I tried to go back to sleep.
20/Jan/16 4:00 AM
20/Jan/16 4:06 AM
Today's the day I must find a cat hotel for my three kitties! Ugh! Oh well has to be done since there's no one close enough around.
20/Jan/16 4:07 AM
I hope Wagdy will be on the mend or at least stabilized. flying off for him and his family. I thought he was in California for a week or so to visit his son.
20/Jan/16 4:09 AM
Karen, I hope Pikachu comes home! I know how it feels when a furry family member runs off. My Pikachu did that twice and each time I searched the neighborhood until dark, only to find her the next morning crouched under a bush! My Nemmy did that once and again a 24 hour search to find her crouched under a bush, too!
20/Jan/16 4:11 AM
Nothing like a lost document to clean up my desk! Still haven't found my paper but now I can see the top surface of my desk! It's really not a desk but a glass top table with ironwood rim and legs. But it has a slightly larger top than a desk and a shelf for my printer and a three drawer cabinet fit underneath my table to make it a desk!
20/Jan/16 4:15 AM
Just finished up my , too this morning! Been a busy little girl!
20/Jan/16 4:16 AM
Well lookee here! My timing is great!
20/Jan/16 4:17 AM
I shall tarry a bit to turn the page . . .
20/Jan/16 4:17 AM
I guess I better hurry since I must do my errands soon . . .
20/Jan/16 4:18 AM
20/Jan/16 4:18 AM
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