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Easy Sudoku for 19/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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MLK Day here today.
19/Jan/16 12:01 AM
Wolf and all.
19/Jan/16 12:06 AM
Good morning to all! Up, up and away!
19/Jan/16 1:14 AM
Definitely wouldn't want to do that on yucky days.
19/Jan/16 1:20 AM

Make a total of 1000 by using sixteen 4's and only the arithmetic symbol '+' any number of times.

Answers to my ‘’4’’ inbox please.
19/Jan/16 1:25 AM
19/Jan/16 1:45 AM
Sky King.
19/Jan/16 1:51 AM

Sunny but frigid cold out there today. Wind chills are about -15 F! I felt bad for the cable gal that had to work outside my house this morning for about 1/2 hour.
19/Jan/16 2:13 AM
I'm not really impressed that 'insomnia' has become such a frequent nocturnal event...
Suspect this won't be one of my most productive days.
19/Jan/16 4:51 AM
Happy Monday!
19/Jan/16 5:23 AM
Lucky you!
19/Jan/16 5:26 AM
Morning all, could be vdV up there.
19/Jan/16 6:07 AM
Very slow here today, everyone must be running errands or doing chores.
19/Jan/16 6:20 AM
I hear you Keith.
19/Jan/16 6:29 AM
With 30 minutes to spare!
19/Jan/16 6:30 AM

A school, government, & banking holiday; with MLK events & a lake effect snow warning so even quiet around here.
19/Jan/16 6:42 AM
Great activity on a nice day!
19/Jan/16 7:11 AM
Good morning all.
19/Jan/16 7:14 AM
Finally got sort of close enough
19/Jan/16 7:15 AM
I'm off diving for the next 3 days.
19/Jan/16 7:15 AM
for me to make a run for it.
19/Jan/16 7:15 AM
19/Jan/16 7:15 AM
Enjoy your week folks.
19/Jan/16 7:16 AM
Best of luck with your diving, Sacky. I'm envious.
19/Jan/16 7:16 AM
You're lucky I make so many typing errors or I'd have snavelled it Keith!
19/Jan/16 7:17 AM
19/Jan/16 7:25 AM
, y'all! Checking in after catching up on a few Easys.
19/Jan/16 11:48 AM
Attended a Pampered Chef freezer meal workshop on Saturday - Paleo recipes, and some mighty good ones! Made the Apple Pie Pork Chops yesterday. Took way longer than planned, but it was fun.
19/Jan/16 11:49 AM
Also watched plenty of NFL football this weekend. Go Panthers!
19/Jan/16 11:51 AM
I finally got our Christmas stuff put away. I can't guarantee that I got it all, but I did get the bells that have been hanging on the door since last Christmas.
19/Jan/16 12:06 PM
19/Jan/16 12:06 PM
I gotta ask. Is that vdV enjoying a bit of air time?
19/Jan/16 12:21 PM
Bean: Join the society of insomniacs.
It has a membership of 2 so far - me and you
19/Jan/16 12:58 PM
19/Jan/16 3:03 PM
Apparently, Hal isn't #3.
19/Jan/16 3:09 PM
Sue and CP are also sleep-challenged. Especially CP.
19/Jan/16 4:22 PM
19/Jan/16 4:42 PM
I was sleep deprived last night too. I haven't had insomnia in a long time. Not good on a Sunday night. Mondays are always a little manic at the office.
19/Jan/16 4:43 PM
OK. I can't just stay down here!
19/Jan/16 4:46 PM
19/Jan/16 4:46 PM
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