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Easy Sudoku for 21/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Really? First?
21/Mar/16 12:30 AM
Why not? I'm busy getting ready for our next trip.
21/Mar/16 12:31 AM
Angry cat.
21/Mar/16 12:34 AM
Safe travels Wolf. We are also getting ready for our trip to Japan.
21/Mar/16 12:34 AM
Konichiwa, June. We go to Spain in 4.5 weeks.
21/Mar/16 12:49 AM
Or should I say 'Kombanwa' since it's the middle of the night there.
21/Mar/16 12:51 AM
We leave on Friday. Still lots of packing to do. Back to bed now.
21/Mar/16 1:12 AM
Love the white whiskers against the black face!
21/Mar/16 1:40 AM
good morning.
21/Mar/16 1:44 AM
Everyone's travels sound like they'll be fun.
21/Mar/16 1:45 AM
No real travel plans here.
21/Mar/16 1:47 AM
Family will be in town over Easter, so looking forward to that.
21/Mar/16 1:48 AM
Think I'll go look at TOS, then back to bed.
21/Mar/16 1:49 AM
Loved Spain, Wolf. I know you'll enjoy it.
I have never been to Japan, Amelia. I'll look forward to your reports and photos (hint)

I sent a PM to Serena asking if all was well. I didn't get a ''message sent'' notice, so I don't know if it went through or not. Has anyone heard from her?
21/Mar/16 2:03 AM
Happy Spring, everyone! Well, everyone in the U.S., anyway.
I usually like winter, even the snow. But, this year was a bit much. I know Greg and others are laughing at that, but, we're not used to being buried in that much white stuff!
21/Mar/16 2:08 AM
In honor of Spring showers, I have changed my avatar in order to protect my bat.
21/Mar/16 2:14 AM
I meant June! June is off to Japan!
21/Mar/16 2:19 AM
a beautiful day in OK.
21/Mar/16 2:23 AM
Hubby is up in the attic. We are STILL trying to clean out years of garbage so they can put new insulation in. We are finding stuff we had totally forgotten about. My feeling is, if we haven't missed it in years.....out it goes. Quite liberating, really. I guess I should move off this chair and go help. Bye for now!
21/Mar/16 2:24 AM
In honor of the flowers that are blooming
21/Mar/16 2:25 AM
Kathy, attic and other cleaning happened every time we moved.
21/Mar/16 2:27 AM
Wolf you will love Spain, it is one on my favorite places to visit.
21/Mar/16 2:28 AM
... & I just missed it.
21/Mar/16 2:37 AM
Does anyone one else find it hilarious that the Bat's husband is up in the attic? Is he hanging by his feet, too?
21/Mar/16 2:40 AM
I too sent Serena a PM - and received a 'message sent' notice - the problem there is that lately notifications of PMs to our email box is only an occasional convenience ...can't count on it happening,
21/Mar/16 3:10 AM
...Good Morni ooops Afternoon, all!
21/Mar/16 3:12 AM
Mystery solved. The bird feeder has been going empty at a fairly fast pace. Seems a chipmunk figured out how to climb a really thin branch for access. I watched it make four trips in about 10 minutes. It was interesting, BUT the feeder is for the birds...
21/Mar/16 3:21 AM
That is why I don't go up there, Judy. I would want to stay and just hang around.
21/Mar/16 3:48 AM
Good morning people of the world.
21/Mar/16 3:52 AM
If memory works, in my lur...uh, getting informed time, I believe Serena said she would probably not be here this week and asked if someone would fill in for her. I think school is on Spring break. But don't quote me, because I know nothing.
21/Mar/16 3:55 AM
MIL came Tuesday and whisked my darlings away and has yet to return them. As the girls zoomed out the door, they were instructed to call their mother when they think about her. I have not received one phone call. In the last 5 days they have talked their Daddy.
21/Mar/16 4:00 AM
In the last 4 months, I do not recall having to turn on the heater or the air conditioning, until this week. Which the only reason I turned on the AC is because of breathing issues. If I did not have to breath, I would not have turned it on, but you know about those darn habits. So strange to have More...
21/Mar/16 4:06 AM
Stray Kitty and I are having a heavy discussion today about when he will be fed. Yesterday, he made his first kill, that I know of. A black bird, which he played with all afternoon. He was so proud of himself and unfortunately shared. At first, he left the bird on the patio, which I asked Man to More...
21/Mar/16 4:13 AM
Good afternoon to all! That cat's thinking 'I said no photo's!'
21/Mar/16 4:16 AM
I agree with Karen. I believe Serena is doing Mom thins with her children during their spring break week.
21/Mar/16 4:17 AM
Other than that excitement, I am working with my fun/pool noodles. There is an Easter wreath now on my front porch. My second one is a little time consuming. I am taking apart a 10 foot Christmas tree, limb by limb, and using the parts to make, hopefully, a few wreaths. I am sort of amazed, that More...
21/Mar/16 4:22 AM
Karen, Greg and I need to have a race to the bottom.
21/Mar/16 4:23 AM
Are you both paying attention?
21/Mar/16 4:23 AM
We shall see.
21/Mar/16 4:24 AM
21/Mar/16 4:24 AM
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